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OurMine is back: hacked official Facebook’s Twitter accounts

OurMine is back hacked official Facebook's Twitter accounts

On Friday night, Hackers hacked two official Twitter accounts of Facebook.

According to a reliable source, they hacked Facebook’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

The hacking group our mine hacked both these accounts. This group is also known as the overtaking of famous social media accounts. They also take over numerous similar tweets that characterized the hacker’s group OurMine. 

The official Twitter account @Facebook and its messaging app, @Messenger, forwarded the same messages. Before 7 p.m. On Friday, they posted the message of, “Hi, we are Our Mine. Well, even Facebook is hackable, but at any rate, their safety better than Twitter.” They also guided the victims to make better their protection.

OurMine mentioned that these tries are an effort to display cyber weaknesses. It is a Dubai based hijacking group.

In the past, it has temporality penetrated the social media account of Twitter’s creator Jack Dorsey. They also hacked the accounts of Google’s main administrative Sundar Pichai, and the business accounts of Netflix and ESPN, etc.

In January, it takes over unlimited accounts for teams in the US National Football League. They also take over Facebook and Massager accounts on Instagram And posted an image of OurMine’s logo. The personal website of Facebook didn’t get hacked.

Khoros is a promotion platform. It helps businesses to control their social media infrastructures. Usually, such platforms manage or have charged to the passwords and login descriptions of their clients. Khoros did not reply to a BBC appeal for remark.

A Twitter representative also confirmed the news. According to him, the hackers hacked both accounts. He mentioned that hackers attacked with the help of a third-party platform. 

He mentioned;

When they know this problem, we closed the cooperated accounts. They are also analyzing with their sources at Facebook to recover them. 

The sources said that;

We also protected the cooperated accounts and are functioning carefully with our partners at Facebook to recover them. Finally, they also deleted the messages from Twitter. A Facebook spokesperson informed The Hill. He said that hackers hacked some of their social business accounts. But we protected and recovered the reach. 

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