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The auction of digital art will be held today, with works of arts unique personalities popular of the criptomonedas, being the most prominent Vitalik Buterin. It should be noted that, the auction will be conducted with the platform Cryptograph, which has a social element built in.

The platform Cryptograph

Cryptograph, with headquarters in the United Kingdom, tries to align the for-profit with social impact. For this, append the contributions of charity to a token.

The platform Cryptograph was launched on the 6th of June, auctioning off his own type of artwork digital. It should be noted that these works of art will be stored as a collectible digital only, known as tokens, not fungible (NFT), which are stored in Ethereum.

What is a token non-expendable (NFT)?

It is a type of token to the Blockchain represents a unique asset. Second, they can be assets fully or digital versions tokenizadas of assets in the real world.

Meanwhile, the fungibility means that the individual units of an asset are interchangeable and essentially indistinguishable from each other.

The platform Cryptograph and the auction of digital art

With the goal of becoming a market leader in collectibles and digital works of art based on Blockchain, Cryptograph shall submit pieces of digital art, with memories new and original, some of the artists and icons more recognized in the world.

Because of this, the founder of Cryptograph, Edouard Bessire, said:

“Technological innovation often works in conjunction with the legal innovation”.

He added: “Both are needed for a new product or service to work. Mainly, to be at the forefront of technology, Cryptograph needed the right foundation, to build a business long-lasting”.

For his part, Graham Hann said: “Cryptograph, has created a philanthropy platform that is sustainable, that uses Ethereum and the technology of the smart contract, in a new way“.

In addition, working with Cryptograph provided opportunities for teams to share some really creative solutions. Definitely to ensure the success of the platform and maximize their innovation.

In the same way, Edouard Bessire complemented: “The combination of our experience in the fields of technology and media, working with innovators and our continuous commitment to the arts, he did a project really exciting”.

Vitalik Buterin creates a work of art in the digital network Ethereum

The first cryptogram in the auction is titled “Funding Quadratic”, from Vitalik Buterin. The piece is a visual formula of the vision of Buterin, a new method for funding public services.

Vitalik Buterin and his cryptogram
Vitalik Buterin and his cryptogram

It is necessary to underline that Buterin summarizes the Financing concept of Quadratic of this form: “The model encourages people to voluntarily contribute amounts, which together indicate to the government, how much the society values as a public good. In addition, where we need to go for that funding“.

Other participants in the auction

Certainly, the first adopter of Bitcoin, Erik Voorhees, and the researcher and developer of Ethereum, Vlad Zamfir, are also ready to auction off their own works of art.

In addition, the CEO of Roger See, is another committed to auction off works of art original digital, through the new platform Cryptograph. Being the most important to promote charitable causes close to their hearts.

In the same sense, the co-founder of Cryptograph, Hugo McDonaugh said:

“Each cryptography that is sold on our platform supports a charitable cause”.

In addition he stressed: “Each time that happens you bid or make a transaction, collects the money automatically to your charity, and for our company’s Perpetual Altruism“.

To finish, the creator of a Cryptograph, select a charity, which will receive a part of sale of tokens when it is auctioned. Then, every subsequent transaction involving the token, it sends another donation to the chosen charity.

Therefore, we hope that the auction of digital art with the platform Cryptograph, to be a success.

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