5 Classic Games That You Can Play Online At Home

Classic Games to play at home

What happens when you blend classic and retro games with the online world? The answer: a bunch of fun. 

Modern technology has adapted some of the most iconic titles from gaming past, dusting them off and turning them into multiplayer bonanzas.  

Read on for some of the greatest classic games you can play online. 

51 Worldwide Games (Nintendo Switch) 

Where modern gaming is concerned there is no debate —  Nintendo Switch is the ultimate home console. 

The Switch is king at bringing people together, offering universally loved games and a whole bunch of online fun. Nintendo caters for everyone with it’s most recent console. And as far as classic games go, there is no safer bet than my top pick: 51 Worldwide Games Pack

Worldwide Gamepack compiles some of the best classic games from around the world. In many ways, it can be considered the best board game on the market, virtualising historical favourites for contemporary times; connecting friends, family and strangers together with online and local multiplayer game modes. 

The party title is a Tardis worth of surprisingly fun games, from chess and backgammon to more arcade-style titles like slot cars and toy soccer. If I had to pick just one, my personal favorite has to be battle tanks — an addictive multiplayer game. 

However, one minor gripe with 51 Worldwide Games is the lack of diversity or interactivity in its casino options. Games like Texas Hold’em feel a little light, especially the games only allowing a maximum of four players. 

Online casino games

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive experience, 51 Worldwide games might not be the optimal choice. Instead, maybe consider other online options from real casinos. That way you experience games with a more competitive edge. 

Many sites offer welcome packages like a 50 free spin casino bonus or free wagers. Therefore, you can enjoy the fun and games without risking real cash right away. 

Crowd favorites such as poker and slots both provide an entertaining experience. Whether you’re in the mood for something methodical and tactful, or quick snappy action. Either way casino games will have all the bases covered. 

Classic World of Warcraft

Nigh on 16 years old, World of Warcraft is a staple of early 2000s gaming. And in the later years of its life, vapid expansions have whittled away the playability of a once-great franchise. 

But what if you could roll back the clock to the glory days of World of Warcraft?

Slip-on a pair of rose-tinted glasses, turn back the years and download Blizzards 2019 resurrection of classic WOW. 

World of Warcraft Classic is a faithful recreation of itself, untainted by any modern tropes and goofy mechanics. Same character models, same skill trees and same amazing — if not a little difficult — combat system. 

The thought of forming and adventuring alongside a guild has me itching to boot up a new character. Hold on a minute…

… And I’m back. So while current expansions falter into insignificance, the classic WOW community remains as driven as you might remember. 

Boasting 2 million players at re-launch and averaging around 375,000 concurrent users coming into 2020. No World of Warcraft isn’t the record-breaker its once was. But the servers are easily full enough to have some fun with an old favourite. 

With regular updates and phase-based expansions now is the best time to return. 


The game of monopoly is age-defying, constantly adapting and finding new ways to attract generation upon generation. 

From its commercial debut in 1935, Monopoly has left the board and found a new home in the digital world in 2020. Whether it be a mobile app or a fully realized console title, you can now take your entrepreneurial spirit online and challenge players from around the world.  

The charm is that monopoly doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel to lure in players; the game seems as old as time but people still love to play it.

With that being said I recommend investing in Monopoly Plus for current generation consoles. It blends classic gameplay with modern-day improvements. The animations and interactive scenery make the world come alive. 

You can either play with family and friends with local play or head over to matchmaking and challenge some strangers. The point being, when you play Monopoly, you never play alone. 

Retro game emulators

Using browser-based emulators opens up a library of classic games for you to gorge on. 

They give you an opportunity to refamiliarize yourself with the best of the best. Pac-man, Pokemon, Mario; you name it, they have it. 

And best of all, emulators are generally free to use. So there’s no need to break the bank trying to find a usable Sega Megadrive on eBay. 

However being completely browser based, most emulators won’t allow you to download the games. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection and you manually save progress, so that you maximize the experience. 

I personally use as it’s secure and offers one of the best databases around. But there are plenty of alternatives. Get online and start playing.

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Modern technology has allowed gaming to get bigger and more groundbreaking. But sometimes classics are the best. They’re understated, welcoming, not to mention a tonne of fun. Give these games a try and I’m willing to bet you won’t regret it.

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