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Prominent Reasons for Car Accidents in Houston


Already home to more than two hundred thousand people and still counting, Houston’s congestion rates are going up further. Invariably, an unpleasant consequence of this scenario is an increase in traffic accidents on Houston roads.

A Houston car accident lawyer can give you details of how many motor vehicle accidents occur each year, the type and severity of injuries victims suffer, and ways in which they can seek compensation. That’s because such lawyers handle accident cases every day, helping crash victims file and receive a fair amount of settlement toward damages.

But why do so many traffic accidents occur in Houston? Below is a list of some widespread reasons that answer this question.

Most Typical Reasons for Houston Car Accidents

  • Aggressive and Rash Driving

Road rage is a massive contributor to Houston accidents even now. In 2014, more than a thousand car crashed in the city were attributed to the driver’s temper issues. Of these, six proved to be fatal, while twenty-three cases left those involved incapacitated. These alarming statistics prove that innocent civilians can lose their lives because some drivers indulge in aggressive driving.

  • Distracted Driving

Not paying attention to the roads, speaking with co-passengers animatedly, texting while driving, and other distractions are among the most common causes of road accidents in Houston. This scenario is despite laws in Texas pertaining specifically to texting and driving. Other distractions include tending to kids in the backseat, putting on makeup, or even changing the radio station. Most folks forget that it only takes a mere fraction of a second for someone to look away from the road and cause an accident. 

  • Speeding

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that speeding remains one of the top causes behind traffic collisions in the US and not just in Houston. Most Houston drivers travel at an average speed of eighty miles per hour, putting themselves and other civilians at risk. More than three hundred people die on the roads of Houston each year as a tragic consequence of such careless driving.

  • Drunk Driving

Over fifteen hundred fatal motor vehicle accidents in Houston in 2014 were caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Even today, almost twenty-five percent of all Texas roadway fatalities occur because of this very reason. It is advised that victims seek the services of a car accident lawyer for drunk driving accidents due to the complexity of such cases.

In some cases, victims may be qualified to file an additional claim against the establishment that served alcohol to the person responsible for the accident.

How Does a Car Accident Lawyer Help?

Almost every year, Houston ranks among the top Texas cities with the highest number of road accidents. But suffering from painful injuries and emotional trauma is not the only result of a car accident. Victims also suffer financially by incurring massive medical bills, loss of wages, possible loss of future employment due to loss of limbs, and damage to their vehicle, among other things.

A capable Houston car accident lawyer can help crash victims get due compensation to cover all these losses. These lawyers are thorough professionals who deal in accident cases every day. Moreover, they can seek compensation for clients who have lost a loved one to a traffic-related accident. You can employ their services for other personal injury cases as well.

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