Questions to Ask a Queens Car Accident Lawyer Before Hiring Them


Over 17% of reported fatalities in car accidents in Queens, NY, are drivers and 15% are passengers. A Queens car accident lawyer‘s legal expertise and experience can be of significant assistance in Queens car accident cases. These cases involve multiple negotiations with insurance companies and other relevant authorities. You will also have to draft and submit documents to prove your eligibility for the claim. 

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Lawyer

An attorney specializing in car accident cases in New York can help you deal with the legal complications surrounding the case. There are several reputed car accident lawyers in Queens. Consider the following points before choosing an attorney. 

Do You Specialize in Car Accident Cases?

There are considerable differences between the car accident and traffic-related laws of New York and traffic laws of other states. Car accident laws  in Queens work on a “shared fault basis.” The courts establish comparative negligence of parties involved before deciding the amount of compensation due. It is also imperative for anyone who owns a vehicle in Queens to have no-fault insurance coverage. 

The NYSL (New York Statute of Limitations) states that you should report your car accident within three years from the crash date to be eligible for compensation. Hence, it’s crucial to work with a lawyer who is well versed in New York traffic statutes and legislations. 

Have You Worked on Similar Cases?

Car accident cases are different from other civil and criminal cases. Go through the experience profile of the lawyers you’ve shortlisted to find out if they have handled similar cases in the past. Stats show that over 56% of Queens, NY, car accident cases involve DUI charges. It would be easy to establish the other party’s negligence if they caused the accident in an aberrated state. 

Some car accident cases may be more complicated than typical drunken driving accident cases. A lawyer who has experience handling and winning similar cases can help you claim maximum compensation. Lawyers who have considerable experience will also have a valuable network of contacts in courts and insurance companies. 

Find out what kind of judgments and verdicts the lawyer could get in the past. A successful lawyer can negotiate well with insurance companies to get appropriate settlements. It may also help to know if the lawyer has experience in settling cases out of court.

What is Your Preliminary Assessment of the Case?

Discuss the details of your case with your lawyer and find out what the preliminary assessment is. Your lawyer may also discuss strategies and case plans with you to give you a better understanding of how they plan to handle the case. 

How Much Do You Charge?

The fee the lawyer charges should align with your budget for the case. It’s essential to choose an experienced Queens car accident lawyer to work on your car accident case. The fee may vary based on the severity of the accident and the expertise of the lawyer. Some firms and lawyers even have a “No fee unless we win” policy which means you can avail of their services for free and pay them with the compensation amount you receive from your lawsuit. 

The number of registered drivers in Queens, NY, has increased by 3.6% since 2017. With this number growing further, the risk of accidents on the road also goes up. Whether you’re at fault or not, an expert attorney can help you. It’s essential to work with a reputed lawyer who can get you a reasonable settlement. 

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