Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in San Diego


Not all lawyers in San Diego can handle cases related to car accidents in the city. Some lawyers specialize in other branches of law as well. 

Before hiring a car accident lawyer San Diego, make sure to research their background and experience in handling local car accident cases. If dealing with a law firm in San Diego, make sure that the attorney assigned to you has good experience handling such cases.

Here are some questions you ought to ask before finalizing your car accident lawyer.  

What Is the Attorney’s Experience?

As laws related to personal injuries can be pretty complex to understand, the car accident lawyer you hire must have good experience handling similar cases in your state. Also, check if the lawyer has a good track record practicing law in San Diego. 

Such lawyers will be able to navigate through the complex laws in California to ensure that you get positive results. 

Do They Possess Good Knowledge About The State Laws?

Did you know that the statute of limitation to file personal injury claims in San Diego stands at two years? If your claim isn’t filed before the 2-year deadline, you risk losing the chance to file it. 

To file the claims well within the time stamp and avoid such losses, you must work with attorneys who are well-versed with both state and national transportation laws. Only such attorneys will have the resources to guide you so that you don’t miss out on the time limits. 

Should You File For The Claim?

A primary reason for pursuing car accident cases in San Diego is to get the rightful compensation for your damages and injuries. However, in some scenarios, it isn’t a good idea to file for compensation.

For instance, if the accident occurred in San Diego, the courts may use a comparative negligence system to handle the matter. To put it in simple words, in San Diego, you cannot be compensated for the accident if you share equal responsibility in causing the accident.

Only a trustworthy and experienced attorney will be able to advise you on such aspects of the case. So, check if the lawyer offers free consultation services and hire them only if they give you proper guidance regarding the matter. 

Has The Lawyer Handled and Won Similar Cases In The Past?

If your accident took place under some rare circumstances, it might be difficult for a rookie attorney to help you with the case. 

That is why the car accident lawyer you hire should assure you that he has good experience handling similar cases as yours. If the lawyer doesn’t sound confident, it is a sign that you must look for other options. 

Before hiring a car accident lawyer in San Diego, make sure you have the answers to the above questions, as the right lawyer can be the difference between a strong claim and a weak one. This could affect the amount you get as compensation too.  

Money cannot compensate for the damage you have sustained, but a local attorney can help gain the rightful compensation, making things a little easier for you to handle. 

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