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Rapper and Canadian Entrepreneur Elijah Sommerz Net Worth Review of 2020

Rapper and Canadian Entrepreneur Elijah Sommerz Net Worth Review of 2020

Birth Date: Dec. 22, 1991

Net Worth: $2 Million

Primary Source of Income: Canadian Based- Real Estate Portfolio Location Investor Entrepreneur, Rapper

Career Highlights: Real Estate Portfolio Location Investor, Talent Manager, Canadian Rapper/Entrepreneur

Nationality: Afrocentric

Last Updated: 2020,12,2

Robert Vernon, is a Canadian Rapper, Serial Entrepreneur, investor, Independent Author, and a talent manager, better known by his stage name Elijah Sommerz, has formulated the course of his celebrated career and established an empire through collaborations, artistic ventures, and personal conviction in the global market worth.

Elijah Sommerz was born in 1991 on the 22nd of December, in Toronto, ca.He is a well-known public figure for human justice advocacy for Afrocentric Canadians since 2016. His career graph is a breakthrough urban canadian story.

A trip from being a talent manager to directing a record label to become a business of greatness, he surrounds every aspect of cultural, social, and business paces with his story of evolution. He has used the name Elijah Sommerz to embellish on his brand deals further.

He has also mentioned that he will be pursuing a rapping career from his enlightenment of musical standards and interpretations. Some of his achievements as an entrepreneur involve his role as a co-founder of J stone Management Group and Co. that represents talent all across Canada and Internationally. Only, he has a global scouting exhibition agents that work in sports supervision & sports growth but also provides a platform that involves talent management and publishing. Elijah Sommerz has a low upfront salary, $ 2 million CAD, in exchange for Royalties and Brand investment assets on the gross revenue.

As Per 2020, Robert Elijah Sommerz Vernon has established an approximated net worth of 2- Million Dollars within the short compass of his professional life.

A careerist and a fantastic visionary, his benefactions as an acquisition manager, producer, rapper, business head, all class entertainment director, investor, songwriter, current practices of mock software developer add to his enormous standing. His story stands out not only as a motivation but also instigates people to dream huge.

As he continues to expand his territories across various industries, Robert Elijah Sommerz Vernon’s journey stands out as a benchmark of achievement, prosperity, and intelligence in all its glory.

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