Relevance of Internet security and Big Data today


In addition to private netizens, nowadays a large number of companies and organizations of any kind happen to have their own space on the Internet, which lets them be exposed as possible targets of attacks, identity theft, vulnerability exploits, etc. According to a study of “Internet Security Threats” carried out by Symantec, SMEs have been the target of 31% of cyberattacks worldwide in the past year.

Likewise, the development of the internet, which has become increasingly a very powerful and indispensable tool in any type of activity, has led organizations, famous personalities and, on a smaller scale, small businesses and companies to maximize the importance of both; security in the network and the need to create a name and brand, which positions itself in an important way in this digital world era, which is even more important due to today’s standards and needs.

From that point of view, there are consulting companies specialized in providing protection and search services for information in big data. The awesomeresources online platforms, created by internet security specialists Sam Tilston and Effect Group are a clear example of these new and important services that have been implemented with more insistence in the last decade.

Causes of the exponential increase in cybercrime

The increase in the use of smartphones has also exponentially increased vulnerabilities in network services. Only in the past year has its use by 168%. This great activity on the networks has caused more cases of phishing, identity theft, digital extortion, and a great diversity of computer crimes, which have been a headache for governments, companies, organizations and people in general.

 Cyberattacks on confidential data

Specialized attacks including extortion, such as the infamous ransomware, have increased, causing great damage to the economic and commercial assets of many companies.

These viruses and cyberattacks can be found anywhere, so it is essential to be aware in order to prevent them. Some tips to avoid these dangers and insecurities is to use an antivirus program, in addition to closing security gaps (one way to do this is keeping the programs updated, since some threats take advantage of these security gaps). Give induction to the employees of the organization in the amount of dangers and care that must be taken when operating any digital device.

Basic recommendations to protect your security on the internet

Certainly this topic is very broad, but there are some basic suggestions, which will surely help: Use strong passwords, make backup copies of all those that you do not want to lose, and when you publish information on personal social networks, you might think twice, since, as you already know, that information can be seen by practically anyone.

Final words

With a safe digital environment, economic and social prosperity is promoted, since people and companies will be safe during their online activities, either work or entertainment, being able to even adapt themselves to the internet and begin using it for making purchases or legal procedures online, such as electronic government transactions, public purchases, among other activities that contribute to economic growth in general. Thanks for your time! And be safe while browsing on the web.

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