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Ronin Gamez Launches New Website And Game Demo


Joseph Walters, Colin Fogel, and Alex Lopez are titans in the entertainment industry. Their reputation as illustrators and studio developers is unmatched and their token, Ronin Gamez, also known as the C-corp “Ronin Games,” is exemplar of future gaming platforms on the blockchain. This article is an invitation to the reader to today, Friday, November 5th visit Ronin at Telegram, or tomorrow read about Ronin on their socials, each post will buzz with the hype that surrounds blockchain gaming. Ronin Gamez is a premium platform for AAA games and host for renown illustrators to publish their NFTs. 

Today is a step forward for Ronin with an accomplished milestone: Ronin’s first hyper-casual game, “Galaxy Rogue,” will premier alongside their long awaited website. The website arrives as a “completely new, [a3 portal 4 layer security website that will be the centerpiece to our ecosystem and our first hyper-casual game demo will be open as downloadable content to the public” wrote one of their anonymous Telegram investors. Although gaming and NFTs are the current crypto craze, it’s a precocious phase, and Ronin Gamez will be a trendsetter that matches Axie Infinity, Metahero, Illuvium, Blocktopia, reputations as pioneers in gaming on the blockchain. 

Ronin’s next milestone is an NFT marketplace. Their marketplace is an exclusive NFT platform made to feature excellent game illustrations as NFTs. The initial popularity of NFTs is with art. Although an NFT has countless use-cases, such as contract creation, immutable record-keeping, or secure access to songs (checkout REM for NFT music, this saturated market, riddled with duplicate versions of more or less the same art, is still growing.

Ronin’s NFT marketplace will lead the inevitable evolution of NFT art with refined illustrations, and most of their NFT characters are playable in each game released on the platform. 

The metaverse is our next step into the unknown. As humans, we’re advancing at breakneck speeds as if to not miss out on what could be here in a neo-futuristic tomorrow. We challenge the reader to explore Ronin, a name that will remain as the first blockchain studio that phased in international adoption to cryptocurrency with games.




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