Start Using Coinipop for Crypto Transactions

Start Using Coinipop for Crypto Transactions

Are you looking for where to purchase Bitcoins without hassles? If yes, then you should consider reading this post to know where and how to buy and sell virtual currencies at the best rates.

Coinipop is a platform that makes it faster and easier for crypto miners and traders to sell, purchase digital currencies such as Ethreum and Bitcoin.

About Coinipop

Coinipop is a marketplace that provides an ecosystem for people to trade cryptocurrencies. As a crypto exchange platform, Coinipop facilitates cryptocurrency transactions by making it relatively easier for you to buy and sell digital currencies at good prices.

Coinipop is owned by an Estonian form known as CRYPTO HOUSE OÜ. Also, it has obtained license and regulation from the Financial Intelligence Unit (“FIU”) to operate as a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

How It Works

Coinipop has been structured to make it quicker for people to venture into the cryptocurrency world. Hence, if you want to get your hands on cryptocurrencies to trade, you can consider purchasing them from Coinipop.

You can start using Coinipop for crypto transactions with just a few clicks. Here are the ways to get started.

  1. Select A Level

Coinipop provides four levels namely: Bit Baby, Bit Grown-Up, Bit Fighter and Bit Royalty. Each of these levels allows you to purchase a specific volume of Bitcoins.

  • Bit Baby: 0 to 1,000.
  • Bit Grown: Up: 1,001 to 5,000.
  • Bit Fighter: 5,001 to 10,000.
  • Bit Royalty: 10,000 to 50,000.

Decide how much Bitcoins you want to purchase by selecting a level. 

  1. Create Your Account

Next, visit the Coinipop website to create your account. It takes a few minutes to sign-up and create a Coinipop account. 

  1. Upload Your Documents

Coinipop would request for your identification documents such as an ID Card, Drivers’ license etc to verify your account.

Features of Coinipop

  • The Coinipop platform is safe and secure to use.
  • They are domiciled in Estonia and regulated by the Financial Intelligence Unit (“FIU”).
  • They provide multiple payment methods such as payment via credit card (VISA and MasterCard) and wire transfer.
  • They support the Ethereum and Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Benefits of Coinipop

  1. Coinipop processes Bitcoin transactions quickly and it easy for you to purchase Bitcoins. 
  2. Cryptocurrencies are traded on Coinipop at the best exchange rates. 
  3. Coinipop allows you to get any amount of Bitcoin you wish. 
  4. You can contact the customer service in your country at any hour of the day.
  5. It is a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange platform that is regulated with the license number ‘FVR000256’.

Customer Support

Coinipop gives the best service to its clients with its reliable and responsive customer support team. You can contact technical Coinipop using the following methods:

  • Mail: [email protected].
  • Telephone: +44-20-8089-8122 (United Kingdom) and +372-602-8577 (Estonia).


As at the time of writing, Coinipop supports the Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies only, with time, we will get to see more crypto tokens on this platform. 

If you are looking for a cryptocurrency platform to get trade Bitcoins, we recommend you to use Coinipop because they trade at the best market rates. 

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