Starting A New Business? Here Are The Areas You Can’t Afford To Neglect


When you are starting a new business, there are a million things to worry about. You will have your hands full trying to make sure every base is covered but there are some key areas that you need to prioritize. 


Invest in security software that adequately protects your data and finances. Read about the shocking rise in cybersecurity attacks that has occurred since the pandemic. Think about what assets you have that could be at risk. Talk to your colleagues about the steps they are taking and provide them with the tools they need. Bring in an IT specialist to give you security a boost. 

Customer Service

Answer any customer queries or complaints as soon as they come in. Assign a team member the duty of monitoring emails and your social media channels for any interaction with customers or clients. Remember that a complaint made on social media is in public view so be polite and efficient with your response. 


Look for a shipping firm in your local area to ensure prompt delivery. Look for excellent customer reviews and a wide range of different delivery options. Contact them to discuss experience in handling B2C orders and find out if overnight and 8am delivery is available. Search “package dropoff near me” to find a firm that can offer you drop box deliveries. Use rates calculators to see how much you will be spending. 

Social Media

Update your social media channels more frequently to improve your chances of connecting with customers. Identify current areas of interest and concern with your customers and post relevant content. Look at which social media channels your customers and clients are using and make those your priority. Work on a strategy with a social media specialist to get your personality and brand ethos across.


Create a detailed budget for the year ahead and know exactly how much capital you have available. Avoid taking on more debt than you can afford to pay back in your first year. Remember that missed payments early on will count against you in the future. Talk to an accountant to identify areas where you could save money. Consult them if you are planning any kind of expansion into other areas.


Keep in close contact with your staff through the launch period even if you are working remotely. Delay returning to the office if they are concerned about issues like the Delta variant. Keep them motivated by updating them on progress and marking important milestones through the early months. Look for ways to incentivize and reward them if financial bonuses are not an option soon after launch. Suggest team-building exercises and group activities to strengthen team spirit. 

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