Tips to Score 100/100 in Class 12 Math Exam

Tips to score good marks in your school

Class 12 is the final step of school life. As intimidating as it sounds, it is also relieving to know that after this, you will step into a new path in life. In school, Maths, as a subject, is feared by a lot of students, especially if it is class 11 or 12 Maths. 

Some students think that it is difficult to 100/100 on class 12 Maths because of its difficulty level. However, if they make a strategy and prepare for their exam accordingly, they may find that Maths is not difficult! It is a really fun subject and also a very scoring subject. 

Keep reading this article to know more about these study tips and strategies and how you can follow them to score 100/100 in your class 12 maths exam.

  • It is a common notion among many that Maths is a tough subject. However, if you know the basic concepts of maths, it is not tough at all. For understanding the concepts of class 12 Maths, you need to be thorough with the concepts of class 11 and everything else that you have studied in your previous classes. You should know the basic concepts of the number system, geometry concepts, algebra concepts and formulas, and calculus, to understand the concepts of maths in class 12. Hence, if you paid attention in class 11 and other standards before that, you will easily be able to understand the class 12 Maths. If you face any difficulty, do not hesitate to ask your teacher. They can clear all your doubts. Go through the Math theories, concepts, and formulas from your NCERT textbook. After that, practice the numerical problems from your textbook exercises.

  • After the first few chapters, you will get an idea of relations and functions, advanced level algebra, vectors, advanced level geometry, and so on. You will know the basic concept of everything that constitutes these first few chapters of your twelfth standard Maths. All of these chapters are a combination of the concepts you learned in your previous standards. The chapters that constitute your class twelve Mathematics are a mixture of advanced algebra, advanced geometry, calculus and statistics, and so on. Once you go through the textbook and learn the formulas, start practising thoroughly. You cannot get good marks in Maths unless you practice. If you practice these well, you can score high marks in your exams.

  • After the first few chapters, students will come across advanced concepts of calculus, geometry, and algebra. The next few chapters are all about some advanced geometrical concepts, advanced calculus, and advanced algebra that you will study. Getting an idea of the concepts of calculus, differentiation, integration, and some advanced geometry is very important. Gaining an idea of these and learning the formulas for the area, perimeter, and volume of various shapes is essential. Along with this, getting the basic idea of algebra is very important for chapters like relations and functions, matrices, and determination. After understanding the concepts of geometry and algebra, the next thing to do is memorize the formulas. If you memorize the formulas, you will be able to solve every type of question from that chapter. Once you are done learning the chapter, practice the numerical problems. Practising the NCERT book questions is the best way to apply the concepts you have learned. In your examinations, you will get almost all the questions from your NCERT textbook itself. So, the best way to use your NCERT book for your maths examination is to practice the exercises at the end of each chapter. Practice each question given in the exercises to score the marks you desire.

  • Lastly, students need to learn about Probability. This concept is not completely new for the students of the twelfth standard. Every student has learned probability in lower standards and would probably be well acquainted with the basics of this chapter. It is a very simple and scoring topic. If you learn this properly, you will be able to score well in your exams. Learn the formulas and theorems of probability, and how to calculate probability. After this, follow the textbook exercises to practice. 

These are some basic tips that can help you score good marks in your class 12 maths exam if you just follow your NCERT book.


Maths is a subject that many are scared of. However, with consistent practice, every student can score well in this subject. Also, when you get your examination question paper, do not feel nervous or think that you would not be able to do anything. Always have confidence in your preparation. You will surely be able to score well in the examination. 

When you get your question paper, read the instructions given. After that, go through the whole paper once and think about how you would answer each question. If you do not get the answer immediately, do not waste time on one single question. Proceed to the next question. Complete the whole paper first, and then come back to the questions you were not able to solve. Think carefully and you will surely be able to solve them. GOOD LUCK!

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