Team LeBron Vs Team Giannis: 2020 NBA All-Star Game score

Team LeBron Vs Team Giannis 2020 NBA All-Star Game score

The 2020 NBA All-Star Game is formally in the books But the event is not the same. After an outstanding weekend of occasions, the league’s stars kept the best for the final. Sprawling by nine points after three quarters, Team LeBron tries to show the utmost ending in NBA All-Star Game history.

First-quarter: Team LeBron wins 53-41 ($100,000 charity earnings)

After one quarter, Team LeBron 94 total points leading Team Giannis 53-41. Team LeBron created the two MVP choices with one frame. They formed it with Kawhi Leonard leading all scorers at 12 points and Anthony Davis in nearby pursuit with nine playing. It is in front of his birthplace Chicago fans. 

Second-quarter: Team Giannis wins 51-30 ($100,000 charity earnings)

Despite sprawling by 12 in the overall score after one quarter, Team Gianni’s back up to get a nine-point with the score at 92-83. Trae Young closed the frame with a gorgeous halfcourt shot.

Third-quarter: The two teams tie, 41-41 ($100,000 rolls over into winner’s pot)

For the first time in All-Star history, the rearranging score came into result in the third quarter of this one. The final points arose on an alley-oop to Rudy Gobert that secured it at 41. 

Fourth-quarter: Team LeBron wins 33-22, wins game 157-155 ($300,000 charity earnings, $400,000 total)

The fourth quarter was fabulous in an All-Star Game. Team LeBron straggled by nine, and Team Giannis require 24 points to the complete the game. LeBron James gets the required score down to just a single point easily. Davis settled the victory at the free-throw line and finished the All-Star Game ultimately.

TEAM LEBRON 53 30 41 33 157 $400,000
TEAM GIANNIS 41 51 41 22 155 $100,000


1. The Elam Ending is an unrestrained achievement

The idea to finish a basketball game without a clock got encountered with disbelief and misperception at its proclamation. But after the Elam Ending performance, it is not easy to think of an All-Star Game without it. Eliminating the clock and focusing a board score save any play from forever truthfully since over. 

The Elam Ending is a complete lock to use it in future All-Star Games again. 

2. The game contains several disturbing counterparts to the real NBA

Giannis Antetokounmpo did not score even a single point in the fourth quarter. Milwaukee score late in close games was high anxiety since the 2019 playoffs. And the Bucks are graded only 13th in grasp crime this season. Tonight was hardly encouraging for Milwaukee on that front.

Kawhi Leonard thanks the late Kobe Bryant upon winning the first-ever Kia NBA All-Star Game Kobe Bryant MVP Award.

3. Chris Paul’s still got it

Chris Paul was careful untradeable eight months ago. When younger guards like Devin Booker and Ja Morant wasted out on All-Star assortments firstly. Paul got observed as several legacy selections whose advertisement should get owed elsewhere. But when the game was at the peak stages, Paul walked up. It was he who ran Team LeBron to an energetic double-digit retaliation that ongoing in the third quarter.

 But in the final moments of the All-Star Game, an instant classically earmarked for the ten best players in the NBA. Paul proved that he could still suspend anyone in basketball.

4. Rudy Gobert was playing protection before it was cool

Of course, the fourth quarter was action-packed 

A year ago, the Utah Jazz center wept over his rejection. He lastly got the nod this year, and he made the absolute most of it. 

Gobert got the respect he had waited for his entire career to reach, and when he walked onto the floor as an All-Star for the first time, he did so entirely by himself.

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