The 3 best webinar software options for your business


In the age of remote work and online learning, webinars have become an essential part of business. Having webinar software allows you to host online events and most of these webinars are to share some form of knowledge and create a community. If your business needs to demonstrate a new product or even train new employees, webinar software will improve your business drastically. We’ve compiled a list of the best open-source webinar software that you can add to your business. 

Jitsi Meet 

Jistsi Meet has been voted one of the closest and most secure alternatives to Zoom, which many business IT support London companies currently use. It is an open-source software that competes with many paid services. You can add up to 50 participants to your webinar and you don’t even need to have an account to host a webinar. To add participants to your webinar, all you need to do is create your personalised URL and share it with your participants. The software allows you to screen share, blur backgrounds, record calls and set the quality of your calls. A great feature that Jitsi Meet offers is its end-to-end encryption, so you know that you’re secure. 


BigBlueButton was created as a platform mainly aimed at teachers. It is used at many schools that have virtual classrooms. It supports two forms of use, as a viewer and as a moderator. To switch from a classroom to webinar settings, you can restrict participants by turning off their microphones and webcams. It supports webinars with up to 150 participants, which is great especially in an educational setting and in business. There are so many IT support companies have used BigBlueButton for their product demonstrations with great success . There are great features for moderators such as a multi-user whiteboard, breakout rooms, polls and chat options. BigBlueButton is a simple addition to products you already use because it has a simple application programming interface. It can be used with most learning management systems as well. 


Kaltura is a well-known webinar service and is used by many large companies including HBO and Deloitte. This is because of the many great features it has to offer which include session analytics, a whiteboard and automatic transcription. There is even a Large Room Mode available, which allows you to host up to 300 participants. Kaltura has great collaborative tools like screen sharing and moderation controls, which makes it great for businesses that offer IT support services. This is why we can see how Kaltura is so popular. 

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