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The story of Guo Wengui and his friends


What kind of “love story” has been presented by Stephen Bannon from America, Chinese fugitive businessman Guo Wengui and former Chinese footballer Hao Haidong? How did these three men get to know each other? Today, let’s uncover their stories.

The Story of Guo Wengui and Bannon

When Guo fled to the United States, as an fleeing businessman, he might have no relatives in that country. He certainly wanted to do what he did in China——seek help from senior officials and continue to use money to make the mare go.

When Guo was in China, he always used money to make friends with officials to achieve his goals, such as Zhang Yue, who took advantage of his position as director of the Public Security Department and secretary of the Politics and Law Committee of Hebei Province to do a lot of things for Guo; and Zhu Shimao, Guo’s fellow-townsman in Shandong, through whom he met Lin Qiang, and without Lin there would be no Guo Wengui or Pangu Plaza. Before Lin went into business, he was a bureacle-level official in politics and law system of the State Council.

The “Pangu Society” led by Guo once gathered a lot of senior officials and business titans. With the help of these bigwigs, Guo had been able to clean up the enemies of politics and business many times and expanded his wealth map.

Guo wanted to extend the idea in the United States. Then he found Bannon. Bannon and Guo shared the same rotten tastes.

Guo is rich and has tens of billions of assets overseas, which would probably never be spent. He lives in a luxurious apartment in Manhattan, New York, and the property costs are estimated to be tens of thousands of dollars a year, not to mention the annual building taxes.

Bannon is greedy for money. It can be see from his later arrest that he dared to misappropriate even the private funds raised online for the construction of US-Mexico border wall. Therefore, the rich Wengui and the money-loving Bannon reasonably got together.

According to US media reports, Bannon once borrowed 150000 US dollars from Guo. As a former senior official of the US government who borrowed 150000 US dollars from a Chinese criminal, Bannon was definitely not short of money. From what he did, he was more like a money-grabber. At that time, Guo was trying to meet a senior official of the U.S. government, so after hooking up with Bannon, he wanted to continue playing in the US with the Chinese game. Bannon, on the other hand, saw a god of wealth, and naturally the two men became familiar. With an annual salary of one million dollars, Bannon began to work for Guo. Bannon also promised to introduce Guo to US media celebrities.

But they described the reasons for the warm relationship of them as contempt and rejection of the Communist Party.

Not long ago, Bannon was arrested on Guo’s luxury yacht “Lady May” off Westbrook, Connecticut, possibly in the full of their affection. After the incident, Guo immediately drew a clear line with Bannon, which also reflects Guo’s behavior and character from the side.

The Story of Guo Wengui and Hao Haidong

How did Hao Haidong, who is thousands of miles away in Spain, get together with Guo?

According to an analysis, Hao may have lost money when doing business in China. He went abroad to dodge his debts , and was afraid of being sent back to China. He believed that even in Spain, he had no sense of security, and he needed political asylum, so he must create a fact of political asylum, and anti-communist is the simplest method and means to achieve this fact. Therefore, Hao and Guo, the initiator of the “Revelation Revolution”, and Bannon, the former strategic adviser to the White House, jointly announced the establishment of the “The New Federal State of China”, and at the same time, Hao read out the “Declaration of The New Federal State of China” and claimed to “eliminate the CCP”.

After watching this video, many Chinese were shocked. What’s going on? What’s wrong with the former Chinese footballer?

The obedient Bannon, like the obedient Zhang Yue, performed a good play with Guo and the former Chinese footballer. The three men came together for different purposes, one for money, one for influence and one for political security overseas. Three men are enough for a drama.

These three men made use of each other. Guo took advantage of Hao’s reputation, and Hao was for political asylum, and Bannon coveted Guo’s wealth. But they failed to take into account that Bannon was a very sensitive figure in the United States that could cause more trouble. Originally, Bannon’s participation was only for fun, but eventually ruined their fragile group. Now Bannon was arrested, the “Federal State” was embarrassed, and so was Hao, who had hoped to join the group without being captured by China. Instead, the important member of the group was seized by the United States government. Now the remaining two men are losers on both sides.

Now both Guo and Hao are on a road of no return. Whether in Spain or abroad, Hao is always a marginal person and never has the opportunity to merge into the mainstream culture. Although the climate environment he is living in may be better than that in China, it is not clear whether his inner environment will become more dry and scarce.

It is worth mentioning that how Guo and Hao got together. Their information is as follows:

Guo Wengui, born in Shenxian County, Liaocheng, Shandong province on May 10, 1970;

Hao Haidong, born in Qingdao, Shandong province on May 9, 1970;

No matter what the circumstances and background of their meeting, this background will certainly become their common topic. Maybe Guo would kindly call Hao brother. The two men met their fellow-townsman in the foreign country and they were almost born on the same day, which quickly shortened the relationship between the two, increased their mutual trust and laid a solid foundation for them to do something together.

Fellow-townsman culture has always been one of Guo’s survival principles. In 1998, at a meeting of fellow-townsman, Guo met Zhu Shimao, a sketch actor from Shandong province. They took one word from each of their names and jointly established Beijing Wenmao Investment Company, the predecessor of Beijing Morgan Investment Company (Morgan Investment for short, which was later changed to Pangu Investment Company). But they went their separate ways after working together for about a year.

Li-Meng Yan, who has to be mentioned, is also Guo’s fellow-townsman from Qingdao, Shandong province. After arriving in Hong Kong, Yan hooked up with Guo in some way. In Hong Kong, Yan, the doctor of ophthalmology from Southern Medical University of China became a postdoctoral researcher in vaccine, antibody and cellular immunology. But it is said that Yan is not a so-called vaccine expert. Her main work in the laboratory was to conduct experiments with small hamsters to analyze pathological reactions and infectiousness, which is the most basic research. “She could not even get a little inside information.”

In an “interview” by the American media Fox News, Yan claimed to be in charge of research on COVID-19 in the team of Pan Liewen, a well-known virologist at the University of Hong Kong. However, the University of Hong Kong has issued a number of official statements in response, noting that Ms Yan’s claim “is not consistent with the facts held by the university”.

As for Yan’s trip to the United States, when chatting with her friends after she arrived in the United States, her friends praised that her visit to the United States was better than her last planned visit to Hong Kong, and Yan was very proud. It was Guo and Bannon’s joint planning that she can appear in the United States.

Yan’s escape was reportedly coordinated by the Rule of Law Foundation, which was established by Guo.

After Yan arrived in the United States, she constantly appeared in the media, accusing China of concealing the epidemic. It can be seen that these actions were also to protect her political security, and even to seek political asylum in the United States.

So, in other words, Li-Meng Yan is another “Hao Haidong”.

“A Liar” Guo Wengui

From the current information, the deepest impression Guo left people was lying, and he can make up various facts in order to achieve his own purpose.

In April 1989, introduced by Guo’s father Guo Jinfu, Liu and Wang from Wuhan, Hubei province wanted to buy gasoline from Zhongyuan Oilfield and contacted Guo. Guo defrauded them of a total of 7150 yuan on the ground of giving gifts and applying for “certificates”. He was later sentenced to three years in prison for fraud, with four years suspended.

Guo Wengui once announced that Pan Shiyi was “a pair of white gloves” and claimed that Pan Shiyi’s wife Zhang Xin had an affair with former US ambassador to China Gary Faye Locke, which was fictitious according to Pan’s personal blog. Pan announced that he had filed a complaint against Guo in the New York State Supreme Court.

Guo also exposed that Hu Shuli and Li You had an illegitimate child and disclosed the ID card of the child. On March 29, 2015, Guo exposed Hu Shuli’s “personal privacy” on his company’s official website, saying that Hu was the mistress of Li You, the former CEO of Peking University Founder Group, and that the two had an illegitimate child. He even disclosed the ID card number of the child.

However, after investigating the ID card number of the so-called “illegitimate child” revealed by Guo, it was found that 16 days before the birth of the ID card holder, Hu Shuli, the editor-in-chief of Caijing Magazine at the time, was attending a press conference on the lawsuit between Caijing Magazine and Shenzhen Fountain Corporation. She was no different when she appeared in public. Guo’s fabrications was uncovered again.

On June 9, 2017, the Chinese mainland authorities conducted a first-instance public hearing on Guo’s “Credit fraud and foreign exchange fraud case” of Pangu Company.

Throughout Guo Wengui’s past, cheating runs through his life.


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