These 3 Tips will Get You Out Of Debt in 2020

These 3 Tips will Get You Out Of Debt in 2020

If you are faced with a mounting debt problem, you have banks and credit card companies calling you every other week to remind you about the payments that are past due. If you have gone thru the process of balance transfers, post dating personal checks, and just scraping by each month then you may be at the end of your rope.

Regardless you cannot just sit by and allow your debt load to continue to get bigger with interest rates climbing higher each day. Now is the time to come up with an action plan using proven, effective ways to allow you to pay down your debt as fast and as easy as possible.

There are 3 things that you must do to pay off your debt load.

Pay Your Bills On Time And Pay More Than The Minimum Amount Due

If you pay only the minimum amount due each month you are actually increasing the overall amount you will pay, this makes your creditors very happy. This will extend the amount of time needed to pay off your bills and let your banks and credit card companies charge more interest, and also take more of your money. Along with that, if you make your payments before they are due you will also not have to pay any additional late fess or get an increase in your interest rate.

Pay More On The Accounts With The Highest Interest Rates

This is called the Snowballing Protocol; this method is used to prioritize your payments by making larger payments on the accounts with the higher interest rates. You then make payments to the accounts with the lower interest rates that are just a little more than the minimum amount due. An example of this would be if you have $750 set aside to pay down your personal debt, instead of paying $250 on each of your three credit card accounts you would pay $500 on the account with the highest interest and $125 to the lower interest accounts. This method will help to pay down the debt that carries the highest interest rates and will allow you to pay off your debt much quicker. This lets you get rid of the debt that charges the most money and still pays down some of the debt on the lower interest accounts.

If You Have Savings Use This To Pay Off High-Interest Debt

Another proven technique to reduce your debt is by using the money in your savings account. It is not wise to have money sitting in an account getting a 3% return and you have debt that is carrying around an 18%  interest rate. Make use of the savings and reduce the overall amount of your hard-earned money you will be given to your creditors. This just makes good sense, get out of debt faster and easier and save money while doing it. Once you have gotten out from under your debt you can always start saving again.

This growing financial crisis that is sweeping the globe at this time is nothing to turn our backs on. Most of us are in the position that we need to watch our money more closely now than ever before, so use these tips on how to pay off debt. Once these proven and effective ways to reduce the amount you owe your creditors have been put into action, you will see that by prioritizing your payments to the higher interest accounts you will have a much simpler time getting out of debt.

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