Things to Consider if You Want to Transform the Look of Your Windows or Interior Glass

Transform interior of your house

Regardless of the industry that you work within, there is always that need for a little extra privacy, whether it be for a one-to-one with a work colleague or, customer, or, you just need to be left alone without any peeking in every 10 seconds. If you are in the market for making your workspace look really unique then you should consider decorative and privacy window film, here is what is on offer;

Frosted window film, what is it and why would you want it?

Studies have shown that many companies believe that their employees will perform better if they work in a light, airy environment. A fresh look creates a fresh feel, look smart, work smart as they say so, as part of the design of the workplace, glass partitions and large windows are excellent ways to increase natural light, which is important for wellbeing and happiness. However, privacy can be a concern with all that glass, window frosting is a great way to achieve both an airy environment and privacy where you need it. In addition, you will find a better balance of light in your office space as well as a more professional feel.

Different designs 

You can choose from plain, etched, or printed window film – all with fully customizable, bespoke design options or, maybe you already have a brand board with images, colors, and fonts prepared. It is possible to create window frosting that matches your branding. If you prefer, the suppliers’ designers can work with you, using cutting edge technology to create a brand image that accurately represents your business and values, because, as we all know, branding and signage should represent your business in the best possible way

Some companies even offer a service whereby, if you’re not completely satisfied with the results of your window frosting film installation, their trade-qualified installation teams will come to you and fix it for free. You can rest assured that you’ll receive a high-quality product that is backed up by an industry-leading warranty and have peace of mind with a “fix it for free” guarantee.

Frosted glass film benefits

An existing window can be “frosted” by bonding a thin, translucent film over it. As a result, a wide range of benefits are available;

  1. Respect for your privacy. Whilst windows allow for the entry of natural light, and the ability to see outside, they also allow for the entry of unwanted visitors. People may see things you don’t want them to see, especially if your business is located near a public right-of-way.
  2. Energy efficiency is often a concern, as much as 78 percent of the solar heat can be reflected off of solar window film, allowing your building to remain cool during the day and warm at night. The cost of air conditioning during the summer months is significantly lower than during the cooler months, and heating bills are lower during the winter months. Display screens and work are easier to see with less glare coming through the windows.
  3. Infrared light and ultraviolet light can be damaging to humans and property that are exposed to the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared radiation that come from the sun’s rays. It can also affect by the fading of furnishings and other items, such as photographs. It is estimated that office window frosting can block out 99 percent of harmful rays and reduce the amount of damage caused to furniture and fittings in the office.
  4. Safety and security are of paramount importance so, using window film, which isn’t marketed as a security product, can help keep commercially sensitive items out of sight. Decreases risk of flying fragments when glass is damaged by a storm because it bonds to and stabilizes the glass.
  5. Appearance is often very important to people so, by choosing the right window film for your décor it could completely transform your work space. Making the choice is really easy with the wide variety of colours, styles, and finishes for you to choose from and, custom window frosting allows us to create any design you desire.

Less frosty?

Hopefully that provides enough information for you if you were considering going for some kind of window film, if you need any further specifics then just in touch with one of your local specialists.

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