Things You Really Shouldn’t Do at a Funeral


Many people in Blacktown haven’t been to a funeral before, even If they have, maybe things didn’t go as smoothly as they could have done because somebody happened to turn up late or, get a bit carried away and forgot exactly what they are at the funeral for, it happens oh, too often;

Dress inappropriately for a nightclub, a party, or a day at the beach.

Remember these are don’ts! It may be true that the requirements for funeral attire have been considerably more lenient in recent years, but you should always apply common sense when choosing what to wear. Respect is the crucial word here.

Respect for yourself, but also for the loved one to whom you are bidding farewell is crucial, something that Blacktown funeral directors can help with by leading by example.  The beach is for flip-flops, and the club is for glitter. Make it work by picking something tasteful.

Please don’t be late

If you’re on time, you’re late, according to an old adage. When attending a funeral, this is a nice rule to follow, arrive early to allow plenty of time to settle comfortably before the service begins. You don’t want to be the one to interrupt the meeting by looking for a seat. If you are running late, enter softly and take a seat near the back.

Don’t text, surf, or be addicted to your phone in any way

Sure, there may be an emergency in which you must be contacted, but it’s quite improbable that anything so urgent cannot wait until the service is completed. You’ve come to pay tribute to someone you cared about and had a connection with. Give them your complete focus, you will not have another opportunity to do so.

Don’t lose sight of the reason for the gathering

If you’ve never lost a loved one, you may be unaware of the variety of emotions that the family is going through. You may be unsure about what to do, say, or how to act as a result of this. In terms of specific behaviour, you can take cues from your family. Just remember that you’re paying your respects to the departed and his or her family. You’ll be OK if you’re respectful and courteous.

Make sure your children leave gadgets at home

Most parents have been there, in a quiet area, such as a church or a theatre, when a phone rings, or some random noises start coming from a device of some sort and, it doesn’t just apply to children. Plenty of adults are addicted to various devices, rarely putting them down. Be absolutely sure to check all devices, put them on silent and where possible, if they haven’t been left at home, leave them in the car.

Don’t make it about you

Hopefully you have enough awareness to fully grasp the notion of forgetting about yourself for a short while and making sure that the focus of where you are is all directed toward the person whom you are paying respect to. Some funerals are ruined by people who don’t even realise that they are being selfish, it can even lead to fights breaking out!

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