Why Cable TV is Better than Streaming?


People are adopting new and affordable methods to get themselves entertained. Compared to the past, we have plenty of options to choose from. Some are traditional ones such as dishes and antennae that need to be installed on the rooftop. While others include streaming and watching videos on different channels like YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion. 

As an alternative to cable TV, streaming services are widely adopted by people looking for affordable entertainment platforms. For instance, Netflix allows you to watch the latest TV series, movies, originals, and documentaries. While YouTube TV brings more than what you could expect from a streaming service. The platform delivers some of the best on-demand videos along with 85+ live TV channels. 

However, to stream without buffering and lagging, you have to invest in a good internet connection, unlike cable TV. Most households are already using some form of internet, but if you are still struggling to find a good plan, make sure to check affordable and best options such as Cox. Apart from delivering seamless internet connection all through the day, customer support is as awesome as you like it to be. For your assistance, you can dial numero de cox en español and get a timely response whenever you feel any glitches. 

When deciding on whether to cut the cord or not, most people often find themselves confused. Here are some of the reasons why cable TV is better than streaming regardless of what cost they have to bear.

Channel Lineup 

When it comes to channel lineup, there is no denying that channel lineup is best offered on a cable subscription. No matter, whatever cable provider you choose, all of them provide a huge range of channel lineup including local and international channels including sports, entertainment, movies, documentaries, and music. Some of the channel lineups include TNT, ABC, Fox News, National Geographic, TNT, Cartoon Network, Disney, and HBO Max. 

On the contrary, most of the streaming services offer only on-demand movies, TV series, and documentaries. However, with time, more and more new streaming services came forward to include basic cable channels. For instance, fuboTV, YouTube TV, and Hulu + Live TV offer a wide range of channel lineup including NFL Network, Fox Sports, ESPN, Food Network, NBC, and many more. But if you have a big household, you might not be able to get every channel in a single streaming service. 


Streaming services offer plenty of options when it comes to movies and TV series. However, most of them trick consumers and serve the best programs for additional charges. While the free ones are quite dreadful that not even a toddler would like to watch. Cable TV offers a wide range of packages that serves premium content and a range of packages. 

Some of the newest blockbusters and box office hits are only available on cable. Pay per view offers you everything you wish to watch for a long time such as MMA events, WWE Main Events, and Grammy Awards. Cable TV is one solution for you to get entertained without whining. 

Sports Fanatics are Best Served on Cable TV 

If you are a big sports fan and love to watch live sporting events including NBA, MLB, FIFA World Cup, or any other sports, cable TV is the best option to go for. 

You can also customize your package as most of the cable providers offer sports package for a nominal price. When it comes to streaming services, apart from a few including fuboTV, YouTube TV, and Philo don’t broadcast live sporting events. Also, the streaming services offering sports channels have limited options as compared to cable TV. 


The major difference between streaming and cable TV is the contract you need to sign. When it comes to cable TV, some of the cable providers offer you plans and packages with contractual obligations. If you ever have to terminate the service before time, you need to pay a hefty amount. However, there are still cable providers like Spectrum that offer cable plans without requiring you to sign a contract. If you don’t want to sign up for a cable with the contract, make sure to choose the provider wisely and get the best deal.  

On the contrary, people prefer to have a streaming service due to its no-contact obligations. Especially it is suitable for people who are not sure when they have to move out of the town and stay there for a long period. 

Video Quality 

On-demand streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix offer you video quality of 1080HD and 4K. But live streaming is only limited to 720p. Moreover, the video quality is largely affected due to the quality and speed of the internet. If you are having low download speed and face disconnection issues, you can’t stream high-quality video. 

Compared to streaming services, cable or dish video quality is higher than any streaming service. Apart from bad weather or power outage, you will be getting high-definition pictures of 1080p or 4K. If you prefer to watch everything in high definition, there is no comparison to cable TV. 


Cord-cutting is largely trending due to low cost and high-quality content being offered on different streaming services. For instance, Netflix’s starting price is only $17.99 per month, which is way lesser than any cable subscription. But when you compare it with cable TV, you will find that the perks and benefits you will be getting with cable TV justify the cost. 

Cable TV is much more costly and you might need to spend extra as compared to streaming. However, as mentioned previously, cable TV offers more than a streaming service, which includes a huge channel lineup, HD video quality, and uninterrupted supply without needing the internet. 

Summing Up

Cutting the cord might be your new year resolution, but be wary of things that you are going to sacrifice. Make sure to take your decision wisely and get better entertainment all the time.

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