Tips and Tricks for Saving on Your Look in the Office and Beyond

Tricks for Saving on Your Look in the Office

Many business people want to look just as great in the office as they do at weekends. Whether you are looking for a way to feel fabulous on your days off, or you want to smarten up your appearance at work, here are some of the top ways that you can save on fashion in the workplace while still looking great. 

  • Buy multipurpose clothing

If you cannot afford to have two separate wardrobes for both workwear and leisurewear, then you should consider investing in multipurpose pieces that you can dress up or down according to the occasion. For instance, you should consider investing in smart jumpers and blouses that you can either tuck into sailor-style, high-waisted work trousers, or into jeans on the weekend. You may also be able to transform the appearance of a dress by the jacket or blazer you are wearing. This can help you to easily transform between day and night while allowing you to buy half the clothes and beauty products. 

  • Use discounts

Rather than give in to the extremely high prices of designer officewear and beauty products that have been styled for offices, you should firstly look for discounts that can help you to get the same goods for less. For instance, at Good Shop, their Sephora deals can help you to feel glam, while enabling you to buy both the products that you need for the office and those that you require in daily life.

  • Find cheap workwear shops

Not all workwear shops are built for CEOs though, and there are still many cheap workwear stores around that can supply you with the basics, allowing you to put more money into your out-of-work appearance. If you cannot find cheap workwear stores to suit you, you should consider finding outlet stores or shopping online, where you may be able to find deals on last season’s clothing. 

  • Choose quick washing items

However, one of the greatest tips for buying less workwear is to find clothing that washes quickly. This will mean that you will only need a couple of blouses and trousers, which can then be alternated throughout the week. To find quick-drying items, you should look for those that are made from nylon, polyester and cotton. You should also find items that can be washed on a quick wash, and stay away from items made of silk and wool, which may need to be dry cleaned or hand washed. 

  • Glam up your normal look

If you cannot afford workwear at all right now, there is no reason to panic though, as there are many ways that you can glam up your normal appearance to be appropriate for the office. For instance, you should consider adding a touch of lipstick to your usual make-up to act as a statement, put a suit jacket on over a jumper, and wear brogues or boots instead of trainers. This will help you to get away with wearing anything you like while still sticking to the dress code.

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