How Can Online Assessments Boost Accessibility

How Can Online Assessments Boost Accessibility

In today’s age, next-generation tools based on mobile, digital, and cloud technologies have largely affected the education system. An increasing number of classrooms have started evaluating and assessing students online. However, teaching students and assessing them through quizzes and tests is quite challenging. 

It is not only time-consuming to manually assess students through surveys, quizzes, and tests, but it also has restricted communication with students and their parents. So, why not increase the accessibility of students by automating their classroom processes? 

Online assessment systems offered by companies like Janison make accessibility much easier and faster for both students and teachers. Let’s see how.

Flexibility of Space

The most important benefit of online assessment is that it allows students to appear for the exam from any place, even from their bedroom’s comfort. They need to come online at the fixed time of the test and attempt it without leaving their home. You don’t even need to arrange seats, stationery, papers, etc. to conduct the test.

This saves the money you might have spent on accommodating so many students and saves time and resources required to arrange an assessment centre.

No Geographical Boundaries

Since boundaries do not restrict the digital world, you can deliver your classes and courses to students worldwide. If you are conducting a test, students can enroll in it from their country. Since many students hesitate from spending hundreds of dollars to travel to a foreign country, they can attempt the test from their place. 

Once they pass the test, they can pack their bags and move to your institute within the deadline. Or, students can enroll in classes from their country or region. 

Physical Condition of Students Does Not Matter

If any of your students are injured or have a temporary or permanent disability, they can attend online assessment without leaving homecare behind. Since they don’t need to travel to your place physically, they can stay in their comfort zone and attempt the test. 

Even if they are hospitalized, they can attempt the test from their hospital bed. So, with online assessment, you will have access to physically restricted students trying to give a test in your institute.

Faster Processing of Results

Once your students have given their tests, online assessments are done automatically, enabling you to generate faster results than manual assessments. In some tests, the students’ scores can even be displayed immediately after completing the test. So, this saves you a lot of time, enabling you to move on to the next level almost instantly.

The Process of Designing Online Assessments

Accessibility has to be addressed early during the process of assessment designing. After all, it is going to impact the subsequent decisions regarding the test significantly. Only an accessible online assessment will be relevant to avoid costly overhauls as per students’ needs.

So, if you are an educator or institute, use online assessments to let global students access your content and get its benefits. Tools like Janison can make your online assessments adaptable to your students’ needs, thereby maximizing accessibility and boosting productivity.

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