Tips and tricks to choose carpets for your home


A carpet can make you feel like you are walking on a cloud or it can make you feel like your feet have blisters. The quality and texture of your carpet depend on where you wish to lay it and what is its basic purpose of it. There are beautiful designs available in the market that can bring out the best features of your home. Ensuring your carpet goes with the rest of the furniture is imperative and the colours should be visualized before you invest in the carpet of your dreams. If you are looking to buy a carpet for your bedroom, it should match the rest of the upholstery like your quilts, cushions, headboard, and should not steal the focus from the things that matter most. 

Let us look at ways to ensure you buy what is best for you!

  1. Styles – Settle on what texture you would think is best for space and you can then decide on the style. Tufted, woven, Berger, plush, and many more types are available in the market. The style affects the feel of the carpet. For example, a tufted carpet with a higher pile feels luxurious and is not recommended for high-traffic areas. Such a carpet is best as a bedroom carpet, where there is lesser footfall. 
  2. Maintenance requirements – Carpets need constant care to make sure they retain their original glory. For people with pets and babies, it is advisable to get rugs that have a low-cut pile. Getting stain-resistant carpets is the smart thing to do as there may spillage and some stains may be difficult to remove. Puppies are inquisitive and end up chewing most things they see. This can be avoided by having a pile of a lesser height. The 
  3. Rug or a carpet – Most people prefer to buy rugs instead of wall-to-wall carpets. Rugs are easier to maintain, move, and change. Assess the space and check if you need a carpet or a cozy rug is enough to make the space look homely. 
  4. Backing or padding – A carpet can be plush and luxurious, but all carpets need padding underneath. It can be made up of foam or rubber. Padding is fixed between the floor and carpet to give it a slight bounce and prevent wear and tear. If padding is not sufficient, you will see loose threads and damages weaving in a lot of places. High traffic areas require firm and dense padding to make sure the carpet remains protected whereas, low traffic areas like bedrooms require lesser padding. 
  5. Professionals – It is important to hire the best available help to fix your carpet in your home. They use industrial-level fixers and machines to ensure your carpet is installed and they can help you get the carpet professionally cleaned periodically. This is a skilled job and if not done properly can make your new carpet look shabby. The quality of work by the service provider can be seen in how they have fixed the corners of the carpet. The carpet should be firmly fixed and should not bulge or fold when you drag a chair across it. 

Choosing the correct shapes, colour, texture, and look of the carpet is essential to make your space look gorgeous!

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