Twitter Accounts of NFL Teams Got Hacked Before Super Bowl by OurMine crew


A few days before the super bowl, more than 12 The National Football League teams’ official accounts have got hacked.

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The hacks by OurMine crew, which happened on the media-busy Super Bowl week, have been confirmed from multiple sources as follows:

  • NFL (hijacked Twitter account)
  • Arizona Cardinals (Twitter account)
  • Buffalo Bills (Instagram and Facebook accounts)
  • Chicago Bears (Twitter account)
  • Cleveland Browns (Twitter account)
  • Dallas Cowboys (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts)
  • Denver Broncos (Twitter account)
  • Green Bay Packers (Twitter account)
  • Houston Texans (Twitter account)
  • Indianapolis Colts (Twitter account)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (Twitter account)
  • New York Giants (Twitter account)
  • Minnesota Vikings (Instagram account)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (Twitter account)
  • San Francisco 49ers (Twitter account)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Twitter account)

Authorized proved Twitter Inc. accounts of several teams, consisting of the Super Bowl-bound San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs have no profile image on the social media platforms. The hackers tweet through the official Green Bay Packers Twitter account as “we are informing you the audience that we can hack everything, and qualities the opening to a group called OurMine.” The same tweet got tweeted from several other official team accounts, but now they are removed.


In December 2016, OurMine, a hacking team, got access to Twitter accounts of Marvel Entertainment LLC and Netflix Inc. and left a message that no need to be worried because they are examining security and ask to contact us to get help about your safety. The hackers have focused on more than 14 player’s twitter accounts.

A Twitter spokeswoman confirmed that the NFL accounts got hacked. The Twitter spokeswoman further added that the accounts were locked by the company and investigating more. Afterward, another Twitter spokeswoman said that the third party hacked the accounts used to control the accounts.

The account of the NFL also got hacked, but the NFL did not respond right away to a request for comment.

It is another ordinary day that NFL teams beleaguered on the site — prominent in portion since the association’s championship game is set for Feb. 2 in Miami. On Sunday, the time of the yearly Pro Bowl. Hackers angled around admirers of the Chicago Bears after hacking the official Twitter account of the team. The hackers sent a tweet that the team had been traded. Also, its great performers got sold. 

According to a presenter of the team, “Yes, our official team Twitter account got bargained yesterday,” we worked automatically with twitter to resolve the issue.

Kansas City Star stated that the same thing happened with the twitter account of Kansas City Chiefs’. But from Chiefs’ Twitter account, the tweet had been removed. The avatar of the team is not noticeable on the accounts from this Monday, as they consequently recovered.

Moreover, The San Francisco 49ers’ avatar was also momentarily not visible through the official Twitter account of the team on Monday. But few descriptions as defining the account have been recovered. A presenter for the San Francisco 49ers expressed Fox News via email that they know about the problem and are trying with NFL cybersecurity and the podiums to describe and resolve it.

Rob Lowder Tweeted that 49ers weren’t hacked. Instead, the Chiefs’ Twitter account was hacked.

The NFL and its teams now in the list of celebrities, companies, and Silicon Valley CEOs whose social media accounts got hacked by the OurMine crew, which includes the likes of:

  • BuzzFeed (website defacement)
  • TechCrunch (website defacement)
  • Variety (website defacement)
  • BBC (Twitter account)
  • Play Station Network (Twitter account)
  • Netflix (Twitter account)
  • Marvel Studios (Twitter account)
  • WWE (Twitter account)
  • Game of Thrones (Twitter account)
  • FC Barcelona (Twitter account)
  • Real Madrid (Twitter and YouTube accounts)
  • CNN (multiple Facebook accounts)
  • New York Times (Twitter account)
  • WikiLeaks (DNS hijacking, website defacement)
  • Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO, they hacked his Pinterest and Twitter profile)
  • Dick Costolo (former Twitter CEO, they hacked his Pinterest account and cross-posted to his Twitter account)
  • Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO, they hacked his Vine account and cross-posted to his Twitter account)
  • Sundar Pichai (Google CEO, they hacked his Quora account and cross-posted to his Twitter profile)
  • John Hanke (Niantic CEO, they hacked his Quora account and cross-posted to his Twitter profile)
  • Zach Klein (Vimeo CEO, they hacked his Quora account and cross-posted to his Twitter profile)
  • Ev Williams (Twitter, Blogger, and Medium co-founder, they hacked his Twitter account)
  • Marissa Mayer (Yahoo CEO, they hacked her Twitter account)
  • Jimmy Wales (former Wikipedia CEO, they hacked his Twitter account)
  • Daniel Ek (Spotify CEO, they hacked his Twitter account)
  • Brendan Iribe (Oculus Rift CEO, they hacked his Twitter account)
  • Adam Mosseri (Facebook VP, they hacked his Twitter account)
  • Deadmau5 (music DJ, Twitter account)
  • David Guetta(music DJ, Twitter account)
  • Channing Tatum (actor, Twitter account)
  • Drake (music artist, Twitter account)
  • … and loads of other celebrities such as Lana Del Rey, Pewdiepie, Alexa Losey, Kylie Jenner, and many YouTube stars.
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