Understanding The Growth Of eCommerce In Australia


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to five years of eCommerce growth in a matter of months in Australia. On the other hand, the country has witnessed a staggering annual rise of 65.5% in total online sales from March 2020 to January 2021.

Consult an expert with a deep insight into eCommerce in Australia statistics if you wish to make the most out of these positive eCommerce trends. They connect affiliates to brands and brands to customers, thus empowering brands and businesses to grow online. 

Here’s what they suggest you should know about the growth of eCommerce in Australia.

State of eCommerce

In Australia, online shopping growth topped 57% YOY for 2020, with around four in five households making purchases online at some point in time during the same year. And Australian shoppers preferring eCommerce and online shopping have shown a growth of 17.3%, on average from 2015-2020.

Top experts understand the present favourable state of eCommerce in Australia. Along with their affiliate marketing strategies, they suggest making the best use of the changing shopping habits, such as “Buy Now, Pay Later”. And with continuously evolving technological advances, your eCommerce business will have its sales achieving new benchmarks through flexible payment facilities.

Key Online Shopping Trends

The sustained participation in online shopping is by far the most exciting trend emerging from recent years of growth in eCommerce in Australia. According to a December 2020 survey, respondents stated they shopped online 55% more than before the pandemic. 

The best professionals diligently following the eCommerce in Australia statistics and trends can help you increase the customer base for your online business. The reason is since the majority of the Australian workforce is working from home now, they get compelled to explore new online shopping options. You can thus benefit from such customers with your competent affiliate marketing strategies in place.

Speciality Retail Shopping Categories

Variety Stores captured about 33% of the eCommerce market in 2020, becoming the clear winners. About 6.8 million households made online purchases from these stores in the same year. Fashion & Apparel was another specialty retail category that showed promising sales, with a 45.5% YOY growth.

If you have your eCommerce business in any of these domains, you need to find the best affiliate partners to increase your sales funnel. And by using simple, feature-rich affiliate software that industry leaders offer, you can track your affiliate campaign in real-time, hassle-free.

Digital Marketing Is the Game Changer

As per a 2020 report, online shopping sales in Australia skyrocketed 42% from Black Friday until Cyber Monday.

Festive seasons like these are the best times when you can partner with creative affiliate marketers. You may pursue your digital marketing aspirations with the most innovative affiliate marketing tactics. And with professionals offering reliable affiliate software, you have complete control and transparency, with the required automation to track your sales success achieved through affiliate marketing.

Consult an Experienced Professional

Australia’s eCommerce sector is forecast to maintain double-digit growth in the next few years due to the impact of COVID-19 and reach a CAGR of 10.3% through 2024.

Discuss your eCommerce business affiliate marketing requirements with a reputed consultant who is up-to-date with the latest eCommerce statistics. While you can benefit from Australia’s growing eCommerce market, you can boost your brand sales by investing in the best performance-based marketing channel.

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