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It goes without saying that any company or organization that wishes to fill places for events, courses, or clubs requires solid and successful kids club booking software. Isn’t that basic logic? However, once you’ve discovered an efficient booking system, it shouldn’t be the end of the path. There are still methods to enhance the process and boost reservations while making the whole booking process operate much more smoothly for your consumers. A satisfied client is a repeat customer, as the saying goes.

Marketing is a vital element of every company strategy, whether you schedule trips, workshops, or lodging. It enables you to reach out to new clients, reconnect with old ones, and expand your business.

Many parents book classes for their children through a website. If you are a dance studio, gymnastics club, swim school or martial arts school owner with a website, this is critical information! This post will discuss 15 steps that will help get more bookings from your website bookings page.

#1 Allow people to book a trial class. 

This is an excellent opportunity for new students and gives your existing students the chance to book another class if they’re moving up levels or want more time in an area you teach. 

#2 Let them pick their own classes! 

If parents can book whatever classes they want, even if it isn’t necessarily what you recommend, you increase the chances of booking multiple lessons during one web visit. You could try having both weekends and weekdays until further notice so there will always be available when someone wants to book something different than usual. 

#3 Make sure information on scheduling changes are clear on your website calendar feature

Make sure dates aren’t bookable unless you’re sure the class is running. This will avoid bookings for classes that have been canceled and help prevent frustrating last-minute cancellations by parents who were expecting their kids to be enrolled in a specific lesson. 

#4 Have accurate information on your website about pricing 

You should include payment methods and booking fees (if any). If people can’t find out how much lessons cost, they won’t book!

#5 Use Google Voice

Using Google Voice may not be an option depending on where you live, but it’s worth looking into if available since there are no long-distance charges involved when using this service. 

#6 List all of your class times under one book-by date 

This has to be done because students only need to book once for the whole term. This also makes it easier to cancel classes if there isn’t enough interest (and therefore won’t penalize you with a cancellation fee). 

#7 Provide discounts and specials on your bookings page

This will increase traffic by enticing people to book online rather than calling or walking in, especially during non-peak times when bookings may be slower. Make sure you let them know how long these promotions last so they don’t miss out! 

#8 Allow students to book lessons as guests

Just make sure parents have an email address that can be reached easily should any questions arise about class times. It doesn’t hurt anyone but could really get more bookings! 

#9 Include graphical information

Include class pictures and videos on your bookings page so parents can see what their kids will be doing. Make sure to add a description of each lesson as well, especially if it’s different from the other classes being offered or is part of an advanced series. 

#10 Mentor/Teacher Contact List

List all available teachers’ names with their contact information in case parents have any questions about specific instructors – this gives you another way for people to book lessons without having to go through assistant teachers. 

#11 Do online registrations

Consider offering online registration where students can book at any time rather than just during set book-by dates – allow them to choose which days they want and make sure there are no conflicts scheduled lessons before book-by dates.

Online booking allows you to handle as many consumers as you need to at the same time, and you never have to worry about losing a transaction because your phone line was busy or unmanned when someone called.

If you don’t provide online booking, you risk losing a prospective client who will Google one of your rivals and buy from them instead of taking the time out of their day to contact you via phone or email.

#12 Get leads and turn them into an asset

You clearly want to make it as simple as possible for your consumers to buy from you so that you never lose a client, but it’s also critical to maintaining track of all your customers’ information. You may pick what information you want from a client to complete their booking, and after they have completed the transaction, all of the information is saved for you to examine anytime you need it!

This is important if you need to send customers additional information about the courses they have signed up for. Still, it also means you have a record of everyone you’ve already sold to, so your Sales team can follow up with them, or your Marketing team can have access to a ready-made list for some remarketing. Because everything is immediately imported into the system, there is no need for duplicate data entry or spending time on administration.

#13 Have automated communications

If you can combine your Training Management System with your online course booking platform, it should make your business’s communications much simpler. Having a staff member manually send all of the various forms of messages lets you set it up so that everything is done automatically after they enroll in one of your courses.

#14 Keep the website Up-To-Date

When you use an online course booking system, you should only need to change the information once since your linked website will automatically extract the most up-to-date data to present to clients. This also implies that any instructors who log in to verify the specifics of their future classes will get the updated information since everything is updated in real-time.

That means you just have to make changes once, and since everything is linked, all of your systems will immediately show the new, updated information. This saves you even more time and eliminates any misunderstandings or mix-ups.

#15 Keep everything in one place

A class booking system will simplify your life since everything will be in one place, but there are many more advantages besides simply having to enter your data once.

Having all of your data in one location makes reporting simple. All of your data, such as course information, student information, financial data, and so on, will be in one place, making it significantly easier to compile reports. Instead of having to go looking for all the information you need, which may be kept by multiple employees or even hidden on someone’s computer who no longer works at your company, you’ll be able to get all the data you need in seconds. Furthermore, all information is constantly updated in real-time, so you’ll never have to face the humiliation of compiling a report based on last month’s results by mistake.


Booking pages are an excellent opportunity to promote upcoming classes and get the community involved, so take advantage of these opportunities when they arise. 

It is critical to do all possible to make your courses readily available to all of your prospective consumers, which includes being front and center when they begin searching the internet for the sorts of courses they want to take.

If you’re easy to locate and buying from you is fast and straightforward, you should have an advantage over your rivals and experience a rise in course reservations!

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