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Videography Tips for Beginners: 10 Must Know Secrets

Videography Tips for Beginners

The stunning movie shoot often makes us curious. We often start thinking how this short is even possible. The use of the latest technology revolutionizes the videography. 

The use of green screen takes the videography to the next level. Making a video is no more difficult job. All you need is to follow some simple steps while shooting a video. If you are a vlogger and want to shoot stunning videos with mobile or DSLR, stay tuned with this article.

This article will discuss some basic videography tips for beginners to make stunning videos. 

Use High-Quality Camera

Try to use a high-quality camera if you can afford. If you can’t afford to buy the DSLR camera you can start making videos on your mobile.
If you are using the Canon camera you can check out the best Canon lens for vlogging. A good camera lens helps in creating high-quality content with background bokeh features.

Use Landscape Mode

Always use the landscape mode while making a video on mobile or DSLR. It will help you in covering the more area around you. You need to make engaging videos by adding the different objects around you.

Use Gimbal or Tripod

If you can afford to buy a Gimbal I’ll highly recommend you to buy as soon as possible. You will find a huge difference in video quality while using the gimbal. 

Gimbal helps in making stable videos. If you don’t have a gimbal you can also use a Camera tripod. There are different types of tripods available and you can find a low rate tripod on any online shop.

Plan in Advance

Before shooting a video, plan in advance to make high quality and engaging video. Your video must have a proper script.

Use the different camera angles while shooting the video. You can write down the list of all the shots you are going to capture. You will complete all the shots within time if you plan and write down the shots on paper.

Editing The Video

Video editing is something that can help you in making high quality and unique videos. There are millions of people making videos and uploading on Youtube and other video sharing platforms.

You need to create unique content to stand out from the crowd. Use the best editing software to create a stunning video. If you are using a mobile phone, you can choose a video editing app to edit your video.

Try to film the extra footage while filming the video. You can use the extra footage while editing the video.

Try to use these tips in your video and you will find the difference in your videos.


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