Hollywood Stars Dubai Founder Nadim Zidan Heartfelt Thanks to Dr. Hanieh Erdmann


During a prestigious event, hosted by the multi awards winning restaurant Masti – Lamer Dubai

Gathering elite personalities from the TV, social media and beauty sector in Dubai, as part of the monthly celebrities networking dinner events, organized by Nadim Zidan, founder and managing director of Hollywood Stars Group Dubai

Dr. Hanieh Erdmann receives a (Thank you from the heart) from Nadim Zidan Founder of Hollywood Stars Dubai

we are all blessed and honoured by the presence of Dr Hanieh Erdmann, the generous personality, the great heart that is inspiring us all, teaching us the art of unconditional love, and the power of unlimited giving, setting an example of what humanity is all about’ said Zidan.

Her charity in Africa, and Madagascar, that is taking care of children suffering burns, or lacking health and educational care, her long hours of flights, and hard work dedicated to this charity, is a real blessing to everyone around her, and it is our duty to highlight her efforts, and spread the word about her big heart, in a time where real values are in doubt, and fake practices are prevailing’ Zidan added 

The key guests agreed that, Her name should be globally known, as her charity doesn’t serve the African children only, but sets hope to everyone around the world to take part of it, and make a real contribution to the humanity around the world, from the USA to Europe, to Africa and the Middle East, we all consider Dr Hanieh Erdmann as a role model, and an inspiring personality that we love and adore.

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