Vihaan Kumar ( Dheerendra Kumar) Emerging Star in Bollywood : Bala Movie

vihaan kumar and bala

Bala movie is another smashing hit by Ayushmann Khurrana now, and he proves himself with the selection of scripts he is the king of small budget movies. He gives seven consecutive hits one after one. Bala is the latest hit, given my Ayushmann Khurrana. Bala movie is base on the story of a guy who lost his hair when he was young, and all the movie story revolves around him. All the Characters in the Bala movie give the best performance in the film, including debuted actor Dheerendra Kumar Gautam ( Vihaan Kumar). Bala is a good comedy movie, and the film profited from hilariously dialogues and strong acting by the entire cast.

But, in the group of skilled actors like Ayushmann Khurrana, Saurabh Shukla, Seema Pahwa, and others, there was one debutant who still managed to grab the viewers & critic’s attention – Dheerendra Kumar Gautam. Who played Bala’s (Ayushmann Khurrana) younger brother, Vihaan Kumar.

Dheerendra Kumar Gautam ( Vihaan Kumar ) debuted in this movie as Bala’s younger brother and play the role of Vihaan. He played the role very well and surprised viewers by his dominant performance in the Bala movie. 

 Vihaan Kumar’s character helps his elder brother Bala ( Ayushmann Khurrana) for applying all his unique treatment ideas like Eggs etc. Vihaan Kumar is continuously commanded by his mother to help his elder brother ( Ayushmann Khurrana) with unique, and ludicrous ‘hair-growing ‘ methods. And because he is the younger sibling, he never gets to say no – until finally, one nuskha (involving cow dung and bull semen) thrusts him to reject and fume. 

Some of the dialogues of Vihaan Kumar (Dheerendra Kumar Gautam) in Bala movie are – 

Kuch nahi bhaiya soch raha tha ki Shruti ne aapse breakup khae kiya ? 

Bhaiya idar to aur bi, Baal jhad Gaye. 

Now his Non-Stop single-line dialogue when he saw his younger brother holding cow dung and bull semen. 

 Kya jab dhko yaar mummy bhaiya ki madad karo bhaiya ki madad karo humko aur bi itne kaam hai nahi kar paaye ye sub hum ye utpeedan band karo, bhaiya hmara hath jodte hai aapka sala itna torcher kisi kedi k jail me nahi kiya jata hoga jitna aap log humko kar dete hai roj subha subha uth kar humko ye tanaav bana rahta hai ki aaj pata ni kon c gandi chiz hmko chuni pad jayegi, kootna peetna jo karna hai kar lo darte nahi kisi k baap se samje aur ye batye hmne nochne hai tumare baal hmne noche tumare baal khud hi independently ganje hue ho jab khet tumara fasal tumara hai to khaad bi khud dalo na apna khet khae humko khae batai me dekar rakhe ho ja rahe hai hum jo lagna hai khud hi laga lo nahi lagege jao 

This dialogue was one of the best dialogue of the movie Bala. Vihaan Kumar ( Dheerendra Kumar Gautam) dialogue delivery is as precise as other artists of the film. 

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