There is No doubt that Bitcoin has been the financial asset, the more successful you up to date on what is going in the TWENTY-first century. Going in a little over ten years have a value of 0 dollars to more than $ 12,000 that is currently listed. Generating significant profits for all those who entered the crypto market when they could. Why Anthony Pompliano says in the Tweet of the day, Wall Street is losing its greatest opportunity to not invest in Bitcoin:

Wall Street and the criptomonedas

With the passing of the years, more and more companies, governments and organizations around the world, have been forced to recognize the value of technology Blockchain and the criptomonedas. Asumiéndolas in their business plans as a competitive advantage. A process that has not finished to happen in the big banks of Wall Street.

Therefore, in spite of the timid attempts of Wells Fargo, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs to create their own currencies, virtual private. What is certain is that, for the large u.s. banks, Bitcoin and other criptomonedas are no more than instruments for speculative high-risk. As expressed by the own Goldman Sachs in a document made public recently.

This despite the incredible performance of BTC in the market, with a 73% increase just in the last year. A situation that for crypto influencer Anthony Pompliano, it would be a great opportunity that Wall Street is letting out, to enter the crypto market and generate income with Bitcoin:

Wall Street is losing the greatest opportunity in its history with Bitcoin. Source: CoinDesk
Wall Street is losing the greatest opportunity in its history with Bitcoin. Source: CoinDesk

Bitcoin has grown in the last year, more than 73%. It will be better than Wall Street to wake up before you miss one of the greatest transfers of wealth in history“.

So, Pompliano makes it clear how traditional financial institutions are leaving to escape the that could be the greatest opportunity in its history. Not end trust in the criptomonedas, and all the positive effects they are having on society.

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