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Waymo plans to launch cabs with no drive at all



Waymo has made sure to let its customers know that they soon will be going from their home to work in a driver-less car. And by driver-less I mean driver-less as there will be no human backup driver behind the wheel. The company announced the vision by a letter which it poster on Reddit.

FILED – The leap into the driverless future may not mean buying an entirely new car. Google’s autonomous driving project Waymo hopes you can one day install its software in your old model. Photo: Andrej Sokolow/DPA

The Letter says “Over the years and with your support, we’ve been testing and refining our fully self-driving technology-including cars without a trained driver upfront” Further into the mail Waymo says “Rest assured, Waymo will still be taking care of you; this is just the next step as we travel down the road towards a fully self -driving future. Thank you for joining us on this journey!”

It was confirmed by TechCrunch that the mail was sent out to people who were the members of the company’s rider’s program, who have been participating in the tests conducted by the company from the start. Though the commentators made it clear that the mail was also sent to people who’ve been using the company’s first commercial self-driving car service Waymo One. Waymo one avails the customer the experience to travel in a car that doesn’t need a driver but there’s a difference, the Waymo one has a backup driver seat behind the wheels at times of emergency.

Both Waymo One and the new project will operate within the metro Phoenix area. The costumers who will get matched with a driver-less car will be notified via the app, so they know what’s coming. Thought the launch date for the program still hasn’t been announced neither have been the number fo driver-less cars that will operate. This next step might pave the for a future where humanity is overthrown by the self-sufficient machines, kidding, but this might make way for future development unknown before. Well looking at it, self-driving cars, aren’t we already in the future once we thought of like a dream.

Harsh Vardhan

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