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Whales have moved Bitcoin of around $1 Billion to one wallet

A significant collection of Bitcoin owners, namely, “whales” have moved around 94,504 bitcoins. According to the present-day market capitalization, the current worth of 94,504 bitcoins is around $1 billion. By the looks of it, the whales have moved $1 billion worth bitcoin to a not so popular cryptocurrency wallet.

The transaction saw a movement of 94,504 bitcoin from a string of unknown addresses to a wallet. According to sources, the amount was sent to the wallet during the early hours of the 6th of September. Soon after this, the attention immediately began to spread because of the massive size of Bitcoin.

Nevertheless, this is not the first time that a transaction of Bitcoin gave rise to a significant buzz. Large transactions such as these are becoming very much uncommon these days. On the other hand, the block explorers’ websites are also identifying and tracking most of these addresses. In addition to this, the cryptocurrency exchanges moving a significant number of coins attack much attention.

What made the 6th of September 2019 transaction incredibly popular is that the transactions originate from unknown addresses and then its went to a completely anonymous address.

Experts are wondering who could make this transaction

By the looks of it, the entirety of the popular cryptocurrency transactions is unclear. The reason is that cryptocurrency enlists pseudo-anonymity. The blockchain of Bitcoin is extremely popular due to its pseudo-anonymity attribute.

Nevertheless, some people are speculating that this large sum of BTC will give rise to Bakkt. Moreover, Bakkt is a significant cryptocurrency exchange which the Stock Exchange of New York owners. Additionally, the operators of the new cryptocurrency exchange are Intercontinental Exchange, aka ICE. According to sources, Bakkt came up with BTC deposits as well as withdrawals to the custodial Warehouse of Bakkt.

Furthermore, Bakkt has the resources as well as the rationale to get into connection with a massive sum of Bitcoin. The only thing that will shed light on the entire matter is the public disclosure from Bakkt itself along with definitive funding. The involvement of Bakkt seems like extreme speculation as of now.

However, the cryptocurrency experts are waiting for the responsible party to come out with a massive announcement. A simple and straightforward public disclosure would allow the world to know about the entity who currently possess these coins.

The 5th richest Bitcoin owner doesn’t want to come to the spotlight

There is also a highly likely chance that an exchange consolidating the holdings could be the owner. The top-ten wallets across the globe that have a natural association with the exchange doesn’t know the wallet. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that it is a cryptocurrency exchange. As of now, the owner of the cryptocurrency wallet is currently unknown.

Some of the experts are also suggesting that it might be a Chinese Ponzi scheme such as PlusToken. Back in time, PlusToken made around $3 billion customer funds. One thing is for sure; the secret whale movements are becoming much more common these days. In less than a couple of weeks, an anonymous person did move around $780 million into three distinctive wallets.

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