What are the everyday challenges of working at home?


More and more people today decide to take up remote work, either out of necessity or for convenience, even without the exceptional circumstances that befall us these days. In the usual scenario, this kind of job doesn’t require being home at all times, as mobile technologies allow us to operate on the go. After all, nobody feels very comfortable being stuck in one place for a prolonged period.

The current reality resulted in numerous companies applying new policies that urge people to work remotely. For many of them, it is a unique and unusual situation. It can be demanding, particularly in the absence of proper training and preparation. Fortunately, managers can undertake specific steps to address the challenges employees could be struggling with.

Some of those challenges may result from a limited or somehow obstructed access to information, and lack of face-to-face supervision. Managers may also worry about lower efficiency levels, with certain types of tasks at least. They may be inclined to look for more unconventional methods for increasing productivity, for example, with the use of mobile apps and video conferencing.

On the other hand, employees may experience lower managerial support and less precise communication. Understandably, this is definitely not helpful in getting things done. More issues may arise when remote workers are somewhat astounded by the additional time needed to locate information from coworkers and supervisors. This may increase the task-related workload and create interpersonal problems between teammates. These issues may concern even simple questions and day to day tasks, which can become a massive obstacle.

Another critical challenge for those who work from home, especially for a long time, is social isolation. It’s hard to be able to neutralize this issue. It’s not like managers can throw a big team-building event every single week. However, there are still ways to provide opportunities for remote social interaction. There are, for example, games to be played to boost productivity, develop specific sets of skills, or simply fill up some free time in an exciting way. Of course, that will be limited to indoors, but it doesn’t have to take away all the fun. Employers should encourage employees to play engaging games on their own, with other members of the team, and even host virtual company events regularly.

The fact remains that numerous factors that come into play could disrupt a proper workflow in one’s household. But the most commonly recognized surely have to be all kinds of distractions. Of course, a dedicated employee should be able to direct their focus towards proper channels, but it’s not always that easy. No matter how hard we try to avoid distractions or limit their influence on us, they will always be a bigger problem at home than they would be at the office. Usually, people are instructed to ensure that they have dedicated workspace, and enough of peace and quiet to be able to deliver. However, during extraordinary circumstances, in particular, it could prove to be hard to establish at times. 

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