Why are sex dolls so popular among men in China


Having sex has never been simpler than ever before. You don’t even have a regular partner to satisfy all your needs and desires. All you need is a realistic sex doll. You’ll hear about that from almost every Chinese man. With the recent boom of sex dolls in the market, China reigns supreme in this regard. This country supplies 70 percent of all the world’s sex toys, so there’s no surprise that Chinese men so willingly reach for such equivalents of real women. You can choose them from many brands, such as Silicon Wives, MICDOLL, HITDOLL, and many others. They come in all shapes and sizes. So, basically, a man can select their ideal partner he’s always dreamt about, and of course, have sex with her. Doesn’t it sound amazing? But why are sex dolls so popular in China, whereas men could as well sleep together with real partners? What triggers such behaviour? If you’re interested, here are some of the main reasons lying behind this phenomenon.

One-child policy

As we all know, China is the world’s most populous country with a population of over 1 billion, which is still growing. For this reason, in the 1980s, the Family Planning Policy introduced the one-child policy to reduce child’s births significantly. This limit on the number of children Chinese could have is one of the most extreme examples of population planning in the whole history. It may have caused the men’s interest in other forms of sexual expressions, especially if they were forced to use contraception, sterilisations, and abortions only to ensure compliance. Therefore, being threatened not to obey these strict regulations, which were fined, men started looking for some alternatives, like artificial sex dolls. They were much safer in use since they couldn’t be fertilised, but still gave intense sexual pleasure.

Gender imbalance

Another reason for the increasing popularity of sex dolls in China is an unequal male-to-female ratio. Today, there are approximately 116 men to 100 women. And this number is continually changing, making the gender imbalance even more visible in several years. In other words, there aren’t plenty of fish in the sea, and frustrated men have to satisfy their sexual desires in another way. Here is the role of a young and beautiful sex lady that is as attractive and tempting as a real one.

Satisfying sexual drive

Except for all these social issues which contributed to a higher demand for sex dolls in China, one of the principal reasons for men to choose them is to satisfy their sexual drive. Sex dolls are the best solution both for singles and husbands who, for example, are often on business trips, but they don’t want to cheat on their wives. Then, they prefer using an artificial doll with which they can do whatever they want, with no guilty conscience. They don’t regard having sex with a toy as a betrayal, it’s just for fun and fulfilling their sexual needs, which can’t be satisfied by their partner at that precise moment. However, sometimes some couples also decide to diversify their sex life with such an original sex doll. It may, actually, bring a lot of fire to their intimate relationship.

Comfort sex

But once trying sex with a doll, Chinese men tend to get accustomed to this comfort sex. Such a toy is relatively comfortable in use. She has a real external appearance, sexy voice, the best replications of the vagina, and some of them are waterproof so that you can wash them and even remove some of their body parts. These dolls are frequently called modern-day works of art. What’s more, they don’t nag as real women and dodge having sex because they’re noot in the mood. You can use them whenever you fancy, experiencing intense emotions and orgasm as if you were doing the business with a real blonde girl. And you can do that even watching a porn film. Nobody will forbid it to you.

Extinguishing dark feelings

Finally, in 2013 around 50% of Chinese men were reported to abuse their partners in bed, and 20% admitted to forcing them to have sex. These statistics are frightening, and they clearly show that men in China like being dominant over women in the sexual sphere. They have too wild sexual fantasies, which sometimes may hurt their partners. In this case, it’s far better for them to extinguish their deepest and darkest feelings with a sex doll than a real woman who is a human being and has emotions. If any woman is to be harmed either physically or emotionally, then Chinese men should keep using sex dolls.

With the development of the sex industry, sex dolls have been recent all the rage, especially in China, where men have many more reasons to use them than any other nationality. It’s caused both by political and social issues, as well as their personal sexual preferences.

Harsh Vardhan

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