What Attributes and Skills Do You Need To Be An Early Years Educator?

Attributes and Skills Do You Need To Be An Early Years Educator

Early years education is absolutely essential. It is in those first few crucial years of schooling that children learn how to socialize, read, write, and count. Early years educators, therefore, do a very important job indeed. Here are some of the most important attributes and skills that early years educators need in order to be successful:


Anybody that has ever sat in on a class of early years students will know that you need a great deal of patience to be an educator. Children are naturally mischievous, inquisitive and can be possessed of all sorts of special educational needs. Patience is key. Teachers that are quick to anger and reluctant to listen are doomed to fail in the early education game. Keeping your classroom schedule on time is essential, but it has to be balanced out by a willingness to think on your toes when things don’t go your way. 


Teaching early years students isn’t the same as teaching older kids. Courses like the Merrimack Early Childhood Education Program can help you develop some of the teaching skills necessary but in order to really connect with the youngsters that you educate, you’ll need to have a highly developed sense of empathy. Knowing what drives the emotional state of the students you teach can help you generate appropriate educational, disciplinary, and interpersonal plans. You’ll be able to genuinely help the young if you are willing to learn about them in a genuine way. 

A Keen Eye For Trouble

Safeguarding is an extremely important responsibility that falls on the shoulders of early years teachers. Early years educators are often the only contact that a child has away from their family. Teachers need to have a keen eye for trouble. Spotting when something isn’t quite right and reporting it to your superiors can make a massive difference in a child’s life. 

It certainly isn’t an easy part of the job, and it doesn’t get any easier as time goes by. Nevertheless, early years educators have been identified as being well placed to spot any mistreatment or neglect that a child may face. Educators can think of themselves as the first line of defense in the battle against abuse and maltreatment. 

A Whole Lot Of Energy

You can’t learn enthusiasm at university. Early years teachers need to be full of pep. Keeping the attention of a room full of six-year-old children is mightily hard, especially after a full day of teaching. Don’t go into early years teaching if you don’t have a passion for educating kids. Your energy levels might stay level at the beginning, but you can’t keep it up for long if you have no desire. 

Kids react well to energetic, inspiring teachers that understand what makes them tick. Think back to your early education if you can. It is highly likely that the teachers you remember are the ones who were passionate about their job.

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