What Do you Need to Know About the Safety of Adguard?

AdGuard — World's most advanced adblocker

Imagine a scenario when you are researching for a project, casually browsing, or shopping online only to notice sudden pop-ups of unrelated ads out of nowhere. Dealing with pesky ads that make their way into your devices can be downright annoying.

A powerful tool that can keep intrusive online ads out of your way is Adguard. It is a popular ad-blocking solution with essential features like a pop-up blocker, browsing security, stealth mode, parental control, and malware detection. 

However, with the growing incidences of data and confidentiality breaches in recent times, it’s not easy to trust such ad-blocking solutions’ security and performance. If you are wondering, is Adguard safe to download and use? It’s vital to know all about its safety and security features.

 Here are vital aspects of Adguard’s safety to clarify any concerns you might have before purchasing this product:

Is Adguard Safe to Download?

Most of the products’ safety concerns are due to ambiguous online warnings that most ad-blocking apps can read all the content of the websites you browse, including any information you submit via forms. However, if you read the company’s privacy policy, it clearly outlines the level of protection and confidentiality of your private information.

When it comes to Adguard’s privacy protection, be assured that your online data will not be used without your consent, and is not subject to fraudulent activities.

Adguard DNS Framework

Adguard has recently launched a more advanced DNS framework. This framework is one of the safest ways to secure your DNS traffic from data and privacy issues.

This framework’s DNSCrypt is a unique protocol that encrypts communication between your device and a DNS server, thereby protecting it from tampering and intrusion attacks.

Adguard is Head-quartered in Cyprus with Aggressive Privacy Laws

The company is based in Cyprus, Russia, and subject to the European Union’s GDPR privacy legislation, one of the world’s most comprehensive privacy protections. They have no intentions to share or sell your information, and all your data is confidential.

Open Source Products

Most of the Adguard apps are open source, meaning that anyone can download the source code and review it. This bears testament to the company’s transparency and goodwill to expose its source code in the market.

Strong Reputation and User Base

Adguard has been in the business since 2009. With a strong user base of millions in several platforms of android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Adguard continually updates its system to match the evolving trends in the market. Besides, it’s the only ad-blocker available as both a browser extension and a standalone app to offer comprehensive browsing protection.

Adguard’s Unique Ad-filters

AdGuard processes the page before it is loaded into the browser, removing all advertising elements. Compared to other ad-blocking solutions that often require an additional page post-processing step, Adguard uses a unique ad-filter system to improve your browsing performance.

A pop-up blocker that works diligently to protect your browsing experience and save you from malicious content is sure not to compromise safety. Some consumers may question – is Adguard safe or not? However, looking at the company’s well-established reputation, robust safety framework, and positive reviews, it’s one of the best ad blocking solutions in the market.

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