What is Flat Lay Photography?


What do we know about Flat-lay photography?

This is a fashionable trend in nowadays’ photography, which reflects the momentary mood of the photographer. Flat-lay consists of objects laid out on a flat surface and photographed from above. 

If you organize the online market to present and sell your products in online platforms and markets, you won’t do without flat-lay photos that can highlight all the most important product advantages. Advertising brochures, lookbooks, mudboards, restaurant menus, social networks are full of beautiful and vivid photographs that reflect the mood or present certain product brands. All these brands use the flat lay photography service in order to properly advertise their products using the visual presentation.

Anyone who has a camera or smartphone can take a photo in the flat-lay style. However, to achieve an excellent result and attract the attention of followers the camera-man should have an original idea and a well-chosen set of accessories or products.

Accurately and compositionally arranged products in the photo sweeten the look, that is why people find them aesthetically pleasing. It’s not enough just to scatter things, as many might think when looking at such photos. Success lies in a clear and precise composition, in the framework of which you can put anything.

The flat-lay photography direction is constantly evolving, and today it’s considered good practice to add instant photographs to the standard attributes of a photo that reflect the emotions of a flat-lay photographer. It seems simple, but on the contrary, flat-lay photos demand high skill as it is the whole science of creating attractive pictures that capture the attention of millions of interested

Instant photos made in the style of flat-lay or complementing the flat-lay composition regularly cause a wow effect on blogs, social networks, marketing platforms popular among subscribers who are interested in the specific kind of products. The instant photo itself is a correctly composed picture that attracts views and successfully increases the conversion rate for marketing platforms the same way the shining diamond attracts visitors to the jewelry store.

The flat-lay photoshoot aims at creating images of objects that lie on the surface, made at an angle of 90 degrees to the subject. Originally such shots were used to demonstrate things, for example, in creating a stylish image in magazines. Today, flat-lay is a trend that many Insta Bloggers have happily picked up. That is why if you are striving to develop your marketing services and present your brand products using Instagram, the flat-lay shooting technique will be extremely convenient to organize and demonstrate all the product samples in one style following the same pattern to make it look more familiar to regular customers. 

Aesthetically beautiful photo attracts the eye of the spectator, and if it makes sense, then it is doubly pleasant to the eye and the mind. Arrange your composition according to the idea you want to convey to the public. If your publication is accompanied by an informative and interesting text, it will be right to harmoniously accompany your photo along with a piece of the product story and short description of product characteristics.

Using a flat-lay technique any entrepreneur can create the appropriate product advertisement that would fully reveal the whole range of its advantages. This technique is provided by various photography studios for customers who need the proper product presentation via online services operating by visual images of the products provided.

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