What is the Internet of Things and How Might it Affect My Business?


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a global network specifically for digital devices, rather than humans, allowing a wide range of devices to communicate with each other, while all is managed by AI. From household appliances to commercial aircraft and everything in between will be on this global grid, which will be powered by 5G and this will change many industries for the better.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning might be in its infancy, but we have already made great progress and large groups of computers use complex algorithms to learn from data that is input by humans and the more raw data it receives, the smarter it gets. AI offers us unlimited potential across every industry and will likely revolutionize the way we live.

Remote Working

The year 2019 saw remote working become very popular due to the pandemic and the IoT has 10x speeds of 4G and that means everyone can work remotely. Assignments are sent by email and employees can chat with their boss via a Zoom call, while online collaboration is easy with VoIP solutions.

Inventory Tracking

The IoT provides a global platform to track the whereabouts of any item and in less than a second, which will change the logistics industry forever; they say this will see the end of lost packages and when drone delivery begins (all controlled by AI), we will see these amazing flying devices everywhere we go.

How the IoT Can Help your Business

If you are a company that delivers a service, such as IT consulting in Charlotte NC, everything can be done remotely; there are many sectors where the provider and customer never have to meet and the IoT will become their delivery highway. Large organizations will be able to keep in touch with real-time video and thanks to Elon Musk’s SpaceX and a few thousand low-orbit 5G satellites, every inch of our planet will have super-fast IoT connectivity.

AI Software Integration

Imagine every vehicle on the planet controlled by AI, which is the eventual plan, with driverless vehicles that are sensor controlled in real time. The experts predict that traffic accidents will be a thing of the past, which will save millions of lives. If you are interested in digital history, here are a few technologies that redefined the world.

Smart Living

Let’s take a look at the 2030 smarthome, where everything is managed by AI; you can tell the oven to start the cook as you leave the office and turn on the A/C 30 minutes before you arrive. Motion sensors would detect any human movement in the yard and would inform the local police if communication is not reciprocated, streaming the footage to the authorities in real time.

The IoT signals the start of a new dimension in digital tech and after 5G, there will be 6G and 7G and who knows where that will lead. The US government is prepared for the Internet of Things and there will be regulatory boards set up to oversee the grid and we will experience total global connectivity for the first time.

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