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NEET, which is conducted to select candidates for medical studies, is regarded as one of the tough exams of India. But at the same time, this exam can be cracked by self-studies. Many students prepare through coaching institutions and many others prepare through self-study. Both options are good. The only thing that a student has to keep in mind is to never leave NCERT for this preparation. Many students in order to prepare questions of high level do not pay attention to NCERT or even if they prepare it, sometimes they do not revise it properly.

The NEET syllabus is extensive, and you must know where to look to get the best results. Make sure you eliminate unnecessary material and concentrate on the most vital points. The exam also covers the syllabus of NCERT which is covered by a student of their boards. This will give ample time to focus on the portions that haven’t been discussed before.

When it comes to biology, NCERT is the best source. Many toppers in the past have shared that biology NCERT for class 11 and class 12 is the best and important source to study from. Similarly, physics and chemistry can also be covered from NCERT as NCERT offers many good concepts and even sometimes questions are asked from NCERT’s diagram. So, NCERT has to be covered in a serious way for this exam. 

It can be difficult to choose the correct study material for the NEET exam. One can, however, choose the proper one with the support of professors and internet expert guidance. One can get in touch with students who have already taken the NEET exam to find out which book they used. Also, read over the interviews of different applicants who took the NEET Exam to get a sense of their preparation technique. To improve your speed and accuracy, one should make study notes for NEET, solve previous year’s question papers, and take mock examinations.

Following a set schedule can relieve the stress on your goal during your NEET preparation. A student can follow the technique given below and ace in the exam:-

  •         Obtain a calendar as well as a diary.
  •         Prioritize the goals.
  •         Make time for extensive study sessions.
  •         Take good care of one.
  •         Don’t fall asleep in the middle of a study session.

A student should always make notes from what they study and following those notes religiously will help to prepare to the point answer which each topic and by this way every important fact can be remembered which ultimately helps especially in biology exams.

Even if you think you’ve mastered a topic, concept, chapter, or subject, you should revise on a regular basis. NEET preparation necessitates a lot of revision. One can study for NEET from online sources, which makes it simple to locate and manage study materials and NEET notes. Make sure to highlight crucial and weak areas when rewriting. Examine the formulas and their derivations once more. Examine key reactions, equations, and mechanisms.

When confronting the examination, the candidate should be confident. A student must eat a healthy diet in order to be mentally and physically well. Iron-rich diets and vitamin B-rich foods can help one’s brain function better by delivering the nutrients it requires.

Because humans are not robots, people require rest in order to return to work efficiently. As a result, it’s critical to understand that maintaining an optimal level of focus requires taking an optimal break to recuperate. According to experts, the human mind can only concentrate for a certain amount of time. The mind will be stressed as a result of the lengthy preparation and will be less able to concentrate. The pupils take a break on a regular basis to clear their heads. A ten-minute walk, a trip to the gym, a talk with friends, or simply taking a short nap are all examples of breaks.

Here are some general tips on how to prepare for the NEET (Physics) exam.

Begin with understanding basic arithmetic concepts such as differentiation, which is essential to answer a variety of issues. In Physics, instead of memorizing formulas, try to deduce and comprehend how they function. In Physics, problem-solving is essential for success. Don’t just read the answers, actually, solve them. Concentrate your efforts on the most critical chapters while keeping previous trends in mind. Always keep short notes on anything you’ve learned (it may act as formula copy too).

Here are some general tips on how to prepare for the NEET (Biology) exam.

 The most important thing to memorize in Biology is everything. One of the requirements for success is proper book reading followed by regular revision. Biology After learning a topic, practice questions to assess your understanding. Pay specific attention to diagrams, as most exam questions are related to one or more diagrams. Make a note of anything important you read or write it down for rapid revision before testing. One of the most important criteria is to read NCERT books because questions are taken directly from the text.

The following are some general guidelines for NEET (Chemistry) preparation.

While studying a topic, students should do a thorough review of the same topic using NCERT books. To memorize some of the topics, such as the periodic table, use tricks or create your own. Always remember the exceptions, as they are the ones that are frequently asked in tests. Learn the reaction mechanism in such a way that you can predict the outcome of any reaction. It’s always a good idea to answer questions once you’ve finished a topic.

Conclusion: – All NEET hopefuls should study NCERT because it would assist them prepare for their board exams. In Biology and Chemistry, direct NCERT questions have been asked on a regular basis. During their preparation, one must unquestionably read NCERT books religiously. Apart from all this, NEET PYQP 2019 Code P1 will certainly help a student.

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