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Wired Safe Web is born, the space to help defend oneself from online violence


A new initiative by Wired Italia with inquiries, in-depth studies, debates and with the support of Odiopedia, the map of third sector realities that guarantee support to victims

These are issues that Wired Italia already deals with, with inquiries and insights, but which with Wired Safe Web intends to systematize, starting from the support for Odiopedia, the map of third sector realities that guarantee support to victims of online violence. A collaborative project, created by Chi Odia Paga, a startup that offers legal tech advice against online hatred, and open to the contribution and reporting of the many associations that carry out valuable help work in the area. The map of Italy that fights violence online is intended to be a compass to help people seeking support to find the nearest counter to which they can turn.

«Wired Safe Web is a project that goes hand in hand with Wired’s main values ​​which are correct information and the creation of awareness of digital issues. Very often public opinion is exposed to superficial information that sometimes overestimates and sometimes underestimates the importance of platforms, especially sharing ones. Instead, it is Wired’s task to represent the complexity of the digital revolution, a phenomenon that affects all aspects of our private life ”, explains Federico Ferrazza , director of Wired Italia .

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Wired Safe Web was born with a triple objective: to always keep the light on these topics, to provide clear and timely information to victims and families to be able to defend and protect themselves, to put together and highlight the great work that associations, startups and professionals already do on the territory. To offer adequate coverage, Wired Safe Web will feature various contents such as articles on the website, editorials signed by industry experts, activities on the newspaper’s social channels, debates and interviews in Wired Italia events.

The chronicle of these first weeks of 2021 requires a lucid, critical and in-depth narration of the forms of violence and the risks that can be encountered online, without discounts but also without fueling sensationalism. To represent this reality in the most precise and correct way, Wired Italia is working with associations, startups and professionals in the sector, including: Marisa Marraffino, criminal lawyer, specialized in the defense of women victims of online violence who in 2019 participated in a technical table for the introduction of the new crime of illicit dissemination of sexually explicit images or videos; Chi Odia Paga, an innovative startup with a social vocation created to fight all forms of online hatred; PermessoNegato, a social promotion non-profit that deals with technological support and legal feedback to victims of non-consensual dissemination of intimate material on the net.

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In addition to the launch of Odiopedia, to start Wired Safe Web, on 9 February, at 5.30 pm, a live interview will be held on the Wired Italia Instagram profile with Eleonora Gaggero, actress and protagonist of the short Revenge Room produced by One More Pictures with Rai Cinema, a transmedia short film by Diego Botta with Luca Chikovani, Manuela Morabito, Violante Placido and with the extraordinary participation of Alessio Boni.

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