Youtuber explains how it works Bitcoin in Cuba


To participate in the economy of Cuba is very complicated. Because of this, Erich Garcia Cruz, who runs the YouTube channel Bachecubanoexplains how it works Bitcoin in Cuba. Thus exposed, how to earn money on the Internet.

To this purpose, Cruz said:

“Because of the embargo, we can not use products Visa or MasterCard. We are earning money via YouTube”.

In addition, Bitcoin is one of many tools that uses Cross, in order to convert these revenues into dollars. For example, in bank accounts, foreign income from rent and groceries to cuban.

Erich Garcia Cruz is using Bitcoin

It should be emphasized that Cross is found between the number of content creators it grows slowly and is also dependent on Bitcoin.

Erich Garcia Cruz began to use Bitcoin around July of 2020, inspired by stories of local friends. At the same time, Cross said that more and more people in the technology community local, they are learning about Bitcoin. And that full of hopes to many cubans.

In this regard, Cruz said: “Thousands of cubans buy cards in Bitrefillto consume these digital services, through payments criptomonedas. There’s No other way”.

The criptomoneda in Cuba

Continuing with the theme, Cuba considers the criptomoneda as a solution to sanctions, and financial problems. According to a report of SBS-AAP, the government of the country announced that potentially would use the criptomoneda as part of a package intended to increase the income and help with market reforms.

That being the case, Claudia Rodríguez González, a cuban expatriate, said: “Due to the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, and the new restrictions on Cuba, the criptomoneda can be an effective solution”.

Definitely Bitcoin has a lot of action in Cuba. This criptomoneda opens up a wide range of economic possibilities.

That being the case, Carlos, Founder of Fusyona, the first exchange of criptomonedas in Cuba, stated:

“For other people of the world, Bitcoin can be an opportunity, but for the cubans it is a necessity”.

Following his contribution, said: “In Cuba there are not a lot of information about the criptomonedas. It is a challenge for us to sell and at the same time to explain to cubans how they work. Having access to the Blockchain can be of great help to the enterprising cubans”.

Dependence of Bitcoin

Without a doubt, Erich Garcia Cruz noted that its reliance on Bitcoin has increased rapidly from 10% of their income, now at a third of the income of your household.

Definitely, Erich Cross described the criptomoneda in continuous growth throughout 2020. “This is a very effective solution”.

Arguably, Bitcoin is for the cuban people, the possibility of connecting with the world of finance. The cubans are developing ways to use Bitcoin in spite of the restrictions. To do this, we have a youtuber as Erich Garcia Cruz. That could make it easier to use. Congratulations for the initiative.

I say goodbye, but not before obsequiarte this sentence from Erich Garcia Cruz: “It is easier to fool people, than convince them they have been fooled”.

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