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10 Techniques to do Email Marketing Campaign


There are numerous benefits to relying on an affordable SEO outreach email marketing strategy. See the top tips and some advice for triggering your messages!

With the emergence of new technologies, open the way for new marketing techniques.

Relations of the past were built by letters. Today, there is a possibility to do so with email.

The world of Digital Marketing features numerous lists of good practices in these new media. Find out what email marketing is and the benefits it offers.

What is Email marketing?

Email is not just a sales method, it is a communication model. It is used to perform an information exchange.

Therefore, email marketing is the use of email as a way to promote products and services. Similarly, email is used to develop a relationship with the customer or potential customers.

It is a variety of Digital Marketing that covers online marketing through different channels such as websites, social networks or blogs. Email marketing gives companies the opportunity to personalize messages and keep their customers informed.

The email marketing allows us to measure results – by mail and email campaign by campaign, private or global. Push systems provide all the statistics needed to measure the effectiveness of actions.

However, unlike other online marketing media, such as social networks or video platforms, these statistics are not public.  They are only accessible to administrators of each campaign and to mass delivery systems.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing offers advantages that help boost your business.

  1. Exchange of information

Email is not just a sales method, it is a communication model. Users use it to exchange information as well as to subscribe to pages they are interested in.

This is a good place to learn about user behavior, see what you’re interested in, and learn to offer you a service based on your expectations.

  1. Traffic Redirection

If traffic is your number one goal to drive, you should focus more on SEO than on email marketing. Natural web searches are actually the ones that generate the most traffic, more than email marketing. There are a number of affordable SEO company were using this strategy to develop and boost their traffic. These SEO tips are for you Glamy SEO Service

What you can enjoy is redirecting traffic with email marketing. Since users have signed up for your newsletter, take the opportunity to offer them a great service to visit your homepage.

  1. Custom Messages

When you think of email marketing, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Discounts, offers, promotions? Email marketing is much more than all that.

Promotional marketing is another way to communicate with customers and new users. They can be addressed to certain customer groups or even individuals.

So you can offer customers specific information, such as a special promotion for their birthday. Therefore, it would be advisable to develop an email list and keep it active.

  1. Data

One of the mistakes we make is not responding to all incoming emails. We have to pay attention to the emails of users we receive in response to those automatic ones.

First, you have to find out which emails are being answered and once there, identify which leads you can convert.

You can also invite people to reply to your emails at their end if they have questions about the content or would like to make any suggestions about it.

And above all, try to avoid emails where the name “[email protected]” appears so that the communication path is not eliminated.

  1. Tight Budget

We know that big companies like Amazon often send emails automatically with almost no content, where users ask: how could you answer? Easy, you just have to start at the beginning. However, it is best to make the task easier for users, so best practices should be performed:

  • A welcome email offering all services;
  • a reward email for successfully performing the action;
  • an email to keep the user’s attention;
  • worry about the subject of the email.

It is very important to know what we are promoting and the message we want to send to be read. It is of little value to write a catchy headline, but the content of the email does not match. Before we start sending emails, we must ask ourselves: How can I make my audience trust me?

  1. Simple Design

We are aware that it is becoming increasingly important to have our emails tailored to mobile devices and that design impacts user. Even though the design is often not enough, you also need to pay attention to the content.

Ideally, we write an email that is accurate and includes all the relevant information we want the user to respond to, avoiding distractions. Do not send emails during holidays or weekends.

  1. Tracking

It’s also relevant to know when you need to launch the email marketing campaign. You can keep track of what time your emails get the best response. Plus, you can send emails congratulating parties or birthdays to your users.

  1. Targeted Mailing List

Given what email marketing is, we see the advantage of being able to develop an email list. Having to be broad doesn’t mean you have to send bulk emails about all kinds of products.

The segmentation of emails is necessary to be able to classify users according to the buying tastes. External tools can be used to help you customize these emails.

  1. Constant improvement

The frequency with which you ship should be commensurate with the answers you get or what users expect. Less is more.

Therefore, it is advisable to establish a routine that is effective for you and improve it later.

  1. Increase in Revenue

If email marketing is developed correctly, it can increase business revenue. If a good strategy is proposed alongside social networking, it’s a great way to get users to visit our site or blog. Therefore, revenues will increase.


Email Marketing Advice

It’s not just about submitting relevant, well-presented content. The digital age calls for innovation as a key differentiator. Highlighting is often synonymous with going beyond, experimenting and daring to give nontraditional uses to platforms.

Beyond sending newsletters, automated replies, transactions or surveys, there are a number of possibilities that email marketing presents to maintain these relationships:

Use all your resources

Whatever you do, what best defines good practice is to include relevant links. Besides making a good mix of texts, images, and videos.


Dare to get the user out of the routine of the typical newsletter that comes every Monday, including an impact image, an original phrase or a new video.

Capitalize on opportunities

A well-targeted database will allow you to make your business or brand relevant at the most important moments in the public’s life. Birthday messages, congratulations, milestones in people’s lives, greeting messages, etc.


If your campaign always includes a newsletter, add a promotion, offer, or invitation to an event. These elements naturally attract attention and regain interest.

Make customers feel special

No one likes to feel part of the group. Get details relevant to your audience. Pamper them. Send them a simple gift, an invitation, organize something just for them. Thus, in the case of regular promotion, you will notice the benefits of subscribing to your list.


Depending on the area of ​​interest, there are audiences for everything. If your database is comprised of business owners, provide up-to-date industry and competitive information. If they are young, in their topics of interest. Always thinking about the interests of each group.

Be an ally

After-sales or after-registration service is critical to keeping a customer happy. Send product or service updates and even relevant reminders to show that you’re here to help.

You can remind him that a birthday is coming, that a medical appointment is coming, that he has a pending case or appointment. This information is highly valued by the recipients.

Share knowledge

Depending on the area of ​​expertise, it is possible to share knowledge. You can consult the mailing list for those who would be interested in subscribing to an online tutorial, webinar or workshop.

Through email marketing, modules can be divided step by step and provide complete, useful and valued courses by users.

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