Nadim Zidan celebrates Mona Farouk relocation to Dubai


During an elite gathering hosted by the authentic Lebanese restaurant Ya Linda – Dubai 

Nadim Zidan, founder and managing director of Hollywood Stars group, welcomed the celebrity Egyptian actress Mona Farouk that recently moved to Dubai for her new TV and cinema project of 2020

Zidan opened the ceremony by saying ‘it is our great pleasure to welcome yet again another celebrity that comes to Dubai, the land of thousand dreams to shine and bright in the city that gives a second chance and an equal opportunity to everyone’

‘We care about a better tomorrow, a new page of success, and we focus on supporting all the talents that deserve to be supported, and introduced to the media and fans in this part of the world’ Zidan added

The elite guests that attended this celebratory dinner representing Dubai’s sectors of beauty, art media and fashion, agreed that Dubai is a real star-maker, and dream convertor thanks to the great laws and regulations that protect everyone’s rights, and form a solid base of not only investment and business, but also a great chance to shine in the art and TV industry.

Mona Farouk shared her happy news with the guests and the fans as she is in Dubai not only for shopping which she adores a lot, but she decided to move to this beautiful city, as she has many upcoming projects for Ramadan 2020 to be shot in Dubai, and other important projects that she prefers to keep it as a surprise, which will be a movie to be shot in GCC and Egypt, promising her loyal fans a season full of surprises and a great deal of art.

The young Egyptian star said it is not easy to succeed in the show business without being criticized or even been treated with hate and negativity for to make a big name and to shine in success, you have to fight a lot, and keep on focusing on your higher goals until reaching the ultimate success that you deserve 

Zidan highlighted the fact that Mona Farouk is not only a TV and movies star, but her presence on social media, and her humble, open personality, kept big brands running after her to get advantage of her real and solid fan base, which is something Mona Farouk is so picky and careful about, as she is so keen not to take any step in this new market, before getting to know more and more about it

‘yet again we thank everyone that joined our celebration, promising once more, that we will save no effort towards supporting all initiatives related to women empowerment, and spread the good word, about talents and success stories of inspiring women around the world, believing that everyone deserves another chance, a fair chance away of negativity, and prejudgments’ that’s how Zidan ended the celebration, wishing everyone a successful 2020 ahead  

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