Flix Snip. The short format movies & series you are looking for

Flix Snip. The short format movies & series you are looking for

Geneva, the 18th of December Flix Snip was one of the first to detect the rapid change in movie consuming habits. There was a lack of short-format film content for the time-pressed, twenty-first-century audience. To address that need, the startup has started offering a platform for premium movies and series designed to be watched in 20 minutes or less.

In January 2020 Flix Snip will launch a funding campaign open to the public and professional investors with the objective to raise CHF 1’500’000. To do so, Flix Snip offers 12 % of digital shares in JSA Holdings SA, its parent company located in Geneva (Switzerland). Digital shares provide full shareholder rights (voting and dividend) as defined by Swiss law, and enable as well as investors to acquire them in a few clicks with a minimum investment amount of CHF 500. Flix Snip will use the digital fundraising platform of Swiss Fintech company Mt Pelerin, which pioneered this model with the first public offering of a digital share held in 2018, allowing fundraising in multiple currencies (CHF, EUR, USD, GBP, BTC, ETH)

Until very recently, short format movies and series were for many, not considered a front window product, but Flix Snip knew they were exactly what the viewers needed. For less than a year, the startup has proven to be promising and has secured partnership agreements with major telecom and mobile operators. Successfully operating in four countries in compliance with both national and EU laws, Flix Snip has become a common choice among all generations. The company aims to be present worldwide with its service and application. This is an incredible opportunity for investors to get on board as shareholders with a project with such a fast-growing demand. Thanks to the nature of a digital funding campaign, the company and its investors can get an instant valuation directly from the market. Digital shares also enable investors to easily interact with the company’s shares remotely and instantaneously from all around the world.

At the current stage of its development, Flix Snip operates in Singapore, Italy, Spain, and Russia. Therefore, the business strategy includes a fast market extension in four continents with new partners and countries onboarding in early 2020. When a project conducts a digital share offering, it is targeting a bigger market than its home market. This larger audience will facilitate exchanges on the secondary market and investors will have the opportunity to trade their digital shares easily.

The Flix Snip audience includes all generations and social status, with viewings taking place during all times of the day, considering the several geographical zones where Flix Snip is available. The foregoing proves the already observed need for short format programs. Flix Snip is currently available on the platforms of major companies such as Toggle, Amazon Prime, Rosstelecom, Megafon, and Huawei. The company is grateful to have these great partners who will make it even more valuable and promising for the years to come.

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