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4 Common Misconceptions People Have About Social Media Marketing

Misconceptions People Have About Social Media Marketing

If you speak with business owners, most of them will claim to have a social media marketing strategy or want to have one. But only a few are actually successful with theirs. 

Social media is just something they have because they assume they should, but it’s not bringing anything by way of leads or conversions. This is often because they don’t understand what social media marketing is about. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths, misconceptions, and half-truths about social media marketing.

It’s Free

That is one of the most common, and yet, saddest misconceptions about social media marketing. Just like anything, you will have to spend money to make money on social media. And if you don’t spend money, you will be spending your time. 

Either way, it’s almost impossible to have a viable social media marketing strategy without outside help. You will need to pay for content creation or at least production. Then you will need to invest in the proper tools to organize your efforts and monitor your results.

One thing you will need to invest in is social sharing management solutions. Click here for more information on social media sharing software. This is what will allow you to coordinate your efforts between multiple content creators in your team and make sure you have a repository of all the content you’ve produced.

Followers = Success

Wrong. The only way you can measure success with social media marketing is through your conversions. You may have a social media page with thousands of followers. They may even be engaged. But if all of this doesn’t translate into leads or sales, then you’re failing.

It’s better to monitor your efforts and see which ones translate to more sales. Then replicate them. Spend time on a smaller group that is highly receptive and has high buyer intent instead of trying to have the most popular page. 

You Need to Be on All Social Platforms

This is another major mistake. Your brand’s audience might spend more time on one platform than the other. Some platforms may seem interesting to you but will not allow you to reach your core audience.

For example, older demographics will be more easily reachable through Facebook than Twitter or Instagram. You can even ignore certain platforms altogether. Twitter, for example, can be useful to some, but often ends up being a billboard for blog posts and launches. It’s better to concentrate your efforts on the channels that work for you and only try others when you have some traction going. 

Most Of Your Followers will See Your Posts

It’s estimated that only a tiny fraction of people will see your posts on social media. On Instagram, this number is around 10%, and it can be even lower on other platforms. Many things can explain this. Maybe they don’t log on to their account very often. Or your content gets drowned out by all the other things they have going on in their feed. This means that you will have to be ready to put a sustained effort into your campaigns.

These are all common misconceptions people have about social media marketing and social media in general. Make sure that you understand the truth about marketing on social media and have realistic expectations about it.

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