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5 Reasons to Consult Criminal Lawyers in Sydney If Faced with Sexual Assault Charges

Consult Criminal Lawyers in Sydney If Faced with Sexual Assault Charges

Sydney is a very happening city. Visiting pubs, nightclubs, and discos is one of the top 5 activities preferred by people there. It’s not surprising, as the city’s nightlife is a vibrant draw. As much as it’s alluring, this nightlife also has a bit of a dark side. The city can turn hostile to those wandering in some of its alleyways and roads. They could be subject to a sexual assault; Sydney witnessed 9847 of those during 2016-17.

Whether during the daytime or the night, sexual assault is a heinous crime and affects everyone involved. In some cases, the allegations might not even have happened, but the accused still suffers like it was true. If you are affected by such changes, you must consult criminal lawyers in Sydney for getting justice.

Getting The System’s Hands Off You

Recent global events like the MeeToo movement have unleashed an era of mob justice and cancel culture that can deem a person guilty without evidence. Some press charges due to misunderstanding of a situation as well. Consult criminal lawyers in Sydney for a chance at easing the legal pressure on you in the many ways possible.

You Have a Right to Defend Yourself

Every democratic country that values individual rights and liberty allows for legal counsel to its citizens under all circumstances. Australia is no different, even though it doesn’t give the right to free legal representation. That last point can render anyone legally vulnerable when facing charges.

A criminal lawyer will ensure enforcement of your rights in a court of law and that you’re not taken undue advantage of by the system. They will fight on your behalf there.

To Prevent Unwarranted Actions

Since people’s hearts go out to sexual assault victims, police investigations tend to proceed in their favor. During this course, law enforcement can resort to steps that could push, or even violate, your legal boundaries. They could build evidence for an easy trial instead of a truthful one.

A criminal lawyer will defend your legal boundaries and ensure that the police do only as much as they’re supposed to.

To Gather Evidence for Defence

These days, in sexual assault cases, you need evidence to prove your innocence. It won’t be possible for you to gather this evidence without a criminal lawyer. They’ll liaise with the police, collect the results of their investigations, and file the reports. They might even talk to the other party if required. These actions will help with your case.

To Explain Your Standing

When allegations and charges of this nature hit, it’s normal for the accused to get shocked and panic. You won’t be in a state of mind to defend yourself well.

Your criminal lawyer can explain your actual situation and the laws that could apply to you. They’ll even explain how you should conduct yourself to prevent making your present situation worse.

To Extract Protective Information

People on the witness stand may not always tell the full story as it happened or be under force to withhold them. It takes a skilled criminal lawyer to peel away the obfuscation layers and extract information from them that could help you.

Sydney could open up to you or even close you up behind bars on sexual assault charges. Consult criminal lawyers in Sydney to save yourself should the latter happen or is about to happen.

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