7 Depression Indications and Symptoms You Must Know

7 Depression Indications and Symptoms You Must Know

Everyone is bound to experience the feeling of depression due to many factors such as relationship problems, work-related and school problems, etc. While some are able to bounce back up from their depressive state, others have a hard time doing so. Being depressed for a long time is dangerous for both mental and physical health.

Thankfully, there are organizations focused on helping people who have depression. A person can usually undergo a depression treatment to find out where the depression first started and work their way to resolving it. You can learn on your own whether you have depression by knowing the common indications of depression. 

Losing Interest

This can mean many things, whether it’s losing interest in your job, your hobbies, or passion. You might even have enjoyable activities that don’t give you the same happy feeling anymore. Even slowly losing interest is already a huge sign that you’re feeling unhappy or unsatisfied with what you’re doing. 

Negative Outlook

Sometimes, feeling down in life is natural since there are moments where it won’t go how we expected them to be. But for people with major depression, it may be difficult to see any positive signs in life. You can tell if a person has a negative outlook when they keep talking about how the world is unfair or how strong they ridicule themselves. 

Heightened Fatigue and Sleeping Complications

Feeling tired is also one factor that can cause depression. Some don’t get enough sleep because of how tired they are from school or work. And when the time comes they get to rest, it’s almost impossible for them to sleep because of the many problems they’re thinking about. Aside from having difficulty sleeping, too much sleeping is also a sign of depression. Many feel as if they don’t want to wake up because of the many problems they’re experiencing. 


Do you get irritated by the simplest of things? You should try to examine yourself if you frequently experience this as it is another known sign of depression. A study shows that, averagely, men are more outwardly aggressive than women. But that doesn’t mean that women don’t share the same issue. Another observation is that men are less likely to find out about their depression than women, resulting in delayed depression treatment for men. 

Sudden Weight and Appetite Changes

You might know a friend or relative that suddenly lost a lot of weight or don’t eat the same food they loved back then. However, this does not mean they’ve changed their way of eating for the better. Usually, it’s the opposite. Depression can either make you lose or gain a lot of weight, depending on the person. Others find solace when eating the food they like, while some have no interest in eating at all. 

Mood Swings

You might see yourself being ultimately happy for a few hours and then suddenly get sad without any reason. Others even cry uncontrollably without any triggering factors. Experiencing different moods within a few minutes can take a toll on a person’s body and mental health, causing them to get even more depressed. 

Contemplating Death

This is the worst case of depression. No person should ever think about killing themselves. You should be extra wary when your friend or relative keeps talking about how they want to commit suicide. Some mask it as a joke sometimes, but if they have been mentioning it for quite a while now, it may be a sign of depression. 

Whenever you’re feeling down and need someone to talk to, don’t think twice about talking to a friend. If you’re afraid or unsure about your close friends or relatives finding out about your depression, there are organizations who will genuinely listen to your problems without any prejudice.

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