7 Encrypted and Safe Messaging Apps on iOS and Android


TextSecure, Signal, Telegram, Gliph, Viber, Imo, and Silent Text are excellent secure messaging apps on iOS and Android. Read more about them.

In today’s technologically advanced world, there are millions of applications available for iOS, Android, and Windows. With the help of these applications, users can enjoy better features on their devices. However, due to the abundance of the internet, cyberattacks are quite common. Personally, I have been worry-free since subscribing to the internet service from Charter Spectrum

Most people download and use messaging applications on their smartphones. If you are concerned about the privacy of your messages, then this blog will help you. The following passages are about the safest messaging apps for both these operating systems.


TextSecure is an Android application that allows users to text securely. Open Whisper Systems developed this app with the sole goal of creating an app that helps users send private messages. Users can communicate securely with the help of this app that comes with an open-source license. This allows other developers to further work on it and improve it. TextSecure encrypts every message that users send to each other so that even if they are intercepted by hackers, they cannot read the messages. With the application, you can send messages without incurring any charges if you are connected to the internet.


Signal is a very popular iOS application. Made by the Open Whisper Systems project, this application prevents intruders from getting access to your chats. You can also integrate it with other applications. Signal supports sending and receiving messages from TextSecure as well. Both the applications have a similar encryption technology. 


Telegram is a very useful messaging application available on iOS, Android, and even Windows phones. The founders of this application are two Russian brothers who also created VK before Telegram. This application comes with two chat features for the users. One is the normal chat application that stores chat in the “cloud”. The other feature is a “secret” chat that comes with end-to-end encryption to keep the messages secure. 

Silent Text

Silent Circle is the creator of Silent Text. This secure messaging app comes from a company with a proven track record of delivering good applications. They also built the BlackPhone that comes with similar features. The company claims that Silent Text is completely secure and relies on the most modern encryption techniques. However, do note that the service is not free and you will need to subscribe to a monthly subscription that costs around $10. 


Gliph is also a secure messaging app that you should consider. This application is quite different from other messaging apps. The reason is that it supports Bitcoin payments. You can use the application to either receive or transfer Bitcoin. All these transfers are heavily encrypted. Do note that you can only send or receive the digital currency from people already available on Glyph. The app also allows users to set an expiry time on a message. 


Viber is a renowned encrypted messaging service. Many users use it from all over the world to send end-to-end encrypted messages. The app comes with media sharing capabilities as well. On the app, users can have any type of conversation without the fear of being monitored. However, it is better to talk to others in a civil and well-mannered way. You can create a username on the application and talk to other users. 


Imo is a very good application if you are looking forward to a good user interface and plenty of features. The application allows users to place a video as well as a voice call. Users can also share media files with their contacts. The application can import all your contacts if you allow it to. It is a great application that allows users to connect with each other despite geographical distances. You only need a stable internet connection to begin talking to your friends and family members. 

Make sure to try out these secure messaging applications so that no one can intercept your messages. These applications follow international protocols for secure communications and are reliable. With the help of them, you can send messages to your contacts without a worry in the world. 

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