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5 DIY Projects to Tackle This Summer

DIY Projects to Tackle While You Stay At Home

For many people, summer isn’t just the start of fabulously warm and sunny weather; it’s also the perfect time to start tackling all those DIY projects around the home. The problem is that the season often seems far too short to fit everything in, so it’s important to prioritize which projects are the most important, and which will provide the most impact on your home and lifestyle. To help you narrow down the options, here’s a look at five DIY projects that are perfect to tackle this coming summer season.

Refresh Your Window Coverings

If you still have the thick heavy style of window coverings in your home, now is the time for a refresh. Today’s trends lean more towards airy sheers, lightweight natural fabrics, and even prints that add a pop of colour. Hanging new curtains is also a very quick and easy job if you already have a rod in place. If you don’t currently have curtains, you’ll need to begin by hanging the curtain rod.

Modernise Your Home with a New Colour Palette

For those who are willing to put a bit more time into a DIY project, summer is the perfect time to paint the interior of your home. You’ll be able to open up all the windows to help create airflow and ensure the paint smells aren’t too much, and the end result will be something spectacular. Painting is highly versatile in that you can focus on just a couple of common rooms, or you can decide to do the entire house. Be sure to take a look at all the trending colour palettes for 2021 to give you some ideas and inspiration before you begin.

Add Décor to Your Home – Give it Personality

Sometimes you can have all the right furniture, finishes, and colours in a home, yet it still feels like something is missing. It could be that you either need to add décor or change up the current décor. Décor can include things like artwork, sculptures, throw pillows and blankets, an area rug, and even lamps. Check out sites like for lighting options that will spark your creative eye.

Time to Rip Out Old Flooring

Flooring is something that can really take a beating in the home and, over time, cleaning will no longer be enough. This summer could be the perfect time to rip out the old flooring and replace it with something fresh and new. This DIY project will require a bit more skill, patience, experience, and time, but it’s still a project that many people can do on their own – depending on the flooring they choose.

Refinish Existing Furniture – Breathe New Life into the Pieces

Here’s another project that is perfect for those who have an artistic or creative eye. If you’ve got some older furniture pieces that are looking a little worse for wear, why not refinish them and breathe new life into them?

If you’re looking to keep busy this summer with some home DIY projects, the above ideas can certainly be worth tackling.

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