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A Comparison between Early Learning Centres versus Traditional Preschool

A Comparison between Early Learning Centres versus Traditional Preschool

Necessities such as food and shelter are the first provisions of a parent to a child. But education comes in at a close second. Parents know that a kid who learns from the best tutors and teachers succeed later on in life. There is a growing demand for excellent kids’ early learning centres in all parts of the globe. 

However, the transition from toddler to pre-learning has confused some parents about education as a whole. There is a need for children to adjust to a more structured form of schooling. An ELC – or early learning centre – has become synonymous with several institutions as well. One of them is a traditional preschool facility. Both kids early learning centre and a preschool have the same goal, and that is to give early education to children by focusing more on basic academics. But there are slight differences in their approaches, so it would be helpful to compare them for a better understanding of how their processes work.

Traditional Preschool

A traditional preschool focuses more on academic, curriculum-based learning. Think of it as a regular school made smaller. Sessions are subject and routine-based. For instance, if the first subject is mathematics, the next one is reading. There may be several breaks – also known as recess – in between topics. But there is a set structure, with more emphasis on school topics and less time for play. 

Preschools are known for separation anxiety horror stories, and it spares no one. Both parents and children feel the pressure. Usually, the first day is gut-wrenching since most children wail after a parent because they are unwilling to stay without them. A child who is too little to understand may feel abandoned and develop possible future psychological deficiencies. So the transition from home to school should be cultivated long before the dreaded moment.

There is also the issue of social interaction. While it is encouraged between peers, there are not enough moments to do so since they do all the lessons in groups. The downside is that a child who does not understand a topic may get left behind in the succeeding lessons. There is no time for individual attention because teachers hold classes in big groups. 

Early Learning Centre

Like regular preschools, an early learning centre also follows a set structure when it comes to academics. But they also try to develop skills that the child can acquire as they grow into adulthood. So from the start, the fine skills and gross motor development of both babies and tykes are developed through games and play. It is necessary so they can control their movement properly to prepare them for rougher playtime and action when they become toddlers or full-sized kids. There are specific proficiencies expected of them once they go to a bigger school. 

They not only develop a love for learning new things, but they also acquire a thirst for knowledge. They become curious about new things. Unleashing creativity happens through art activities, such as painting and clay sculpting. Health and wellness habits are also encouraged, and knowledge about proper hygiene is always an excellent bonus. 

But those are not everything that make an early learning centre valuable. They also get to learn how to interact with adults and other kids of their age with courtesy and respect. They have a greater sense of identity, and slowly but surely learn who they are as they prepare for their entry into a regular, big-kid’s school.

And it does not end there. Curiosity breeds a scientific mind, so kids ask more whys and hows. Fortunately, the teachers of early learning programs set up tools to teach children in basic mathematics via counting and measurements. And the best part of it is that before the children enter the hallways of a regular school, they are well-equipped with simple problem-solving methods which can boost the confidence of any child. 

Parents are full of worries for their children. But they only want what is best for them. So when parents wish for a child to reach their full potential, they should enrol them in a child-friendly learning facility that is best attuned to individual progress. 

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