A hospital in Brooklyn, overcome with Covid-19 patients and deaths

Brooklyn overcome with Covid-19

At New York’s Brock Dale University Hospital Medical Center, ICU is full, patient’s beds line in emergency department hallways, and are dying.

According to the Covid-19, Dr. Arabia Mollette

The hospital in Brooklyn changes into a “war zone.”

This is the real situation of several New York hospitals that have become the epicenter of the Coronavirus outburst in America.

CNN stated;

On Sunday, Brockdale Hospital gives extraordinary access to CNN to watch the health care employee’s battle against Covid-19. The hospital is situated in Brownsville, one of the poorest neighborhoods in New York City.  According to city data, Brooklyn is one of the victims of the virus.

Hospital staff says;

They want people to realize how serious the situation is for healthcare staff, and how the hospital requires more federal resources and public support to continue the warfare coronavirus.

Molllete says;

“We hope that if people are more socially responsible and stay home and what they can do to compress this curve, this will help to reduce the department’s emergency stress”.

Overflow Of Patients, Not Enough Resources

Brookdale Hospital starts looking at Covid 19 patients in early March. There are more than 100 patients who have tested positive for the virus. Seventy-eight further patients admit and waiting for results.

The vice president of external affairs of the hospital, Khari Edwards, told CNN;

The hospital observes more than 100K patients yearly and has a capacity of approximately 300 people at any one time.

But as the coronavirus cases speedily increase, there has been the arrival of patients.

Mollette says;

The hospital begins to release floors that are not used for years to make space for extra patients’ beds. She also says hospital changes its pediatric emergency department to an isolation area due to Covid-19.

To separate the hospital from other departments, healthcare employees suspend artificial sheets from the walls. They also use duct tape to stop fall.

Mollette says;

“I can say that every curve of the corridor, every space, every room is full of our patients.”

Inside the ER, a cough of cough fills the room as a nurse pass through the lines of beds to provide the patient’s juice.

Temporarily, the ICU is calm – as the lull beep of machines, as well as ventilators.

The “wash your hands” symptoms hang on patients’ doorsteps. It reminds those who work to suggest health specialists to those who have epilepsy disorders.

As is the case with several other hospitals throughout the country, Brock Dale Hospital is trying to keep up with the requirement for funds as new patients enter.

Mollette said;

“We need gowns, gloves, a veil, and more ventilators and further medical space. We also need psychological help. It is difficult to come here when you know what you’re ready to face.”

President Donald Trump previously rejects the request of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s for further 30,000 ventilators for the state.

“I’m not sure you call for 40,000 or 30,000 ventilators,” Trump said to Fox News’ Sean Hannity in a talk last week.

Dr. Amy Placencia, chief medical officer at Brookdale Hospital, said;

”But the hospital has a severe lack of ventilators in terms of the numbers that we see,” Placencia says Brookdale Hospital, face difficulties with ventilators. It has started using mold refurbished old models and anesthesia machines as ventilators, like the others in the state.

The hospital morgue is also full.

Edwards said;

About 20 people can usually be accommodated in this morgue. But the hospital has already “outgrown that number.”

Now, the hospital has a refrigerated truck that supports the flow of corpses provided by the state.

Edwards says healthcare employees begin to arrange extra beds for the next weeks in the hope of further new patients. Hospital staff stay away from their relatives to protect them

On Sunday at Brockdale Hospital, nearly half of the health care staff employees, including janitorial staff, food staff, nurses, and doctors, hide them from head to toe for their protection.

The standard uniform for a health care worker as they fearless the crowded hospital consists of surgical masks, face shields, covers for their hair and shoes and lab coats or gowns.

The hospital resources stated;

It is now providing a new, faster test.

According to Lagoon; 

Now it can do more than 300 tests per day. He also hopes that he can finally complete more than 500 tests a day.

According to Legoun;

He spent the previous two months away from his family unit. He further said that he stayed away from the face to face meeting with anyone, even his girlfriend and daughter.

Mollette, disconnect to her family in several months and sleeps in a bedroom split from his fiancée to save him.

For Plasencia, defense to fellow hospital staff, especially inhabitants and internal workers, is just as significant as they jointly work on emergency fronts.

She says;

“We are trying to maintain spirits.” “And of course we are giving exciting support for each other in this epidemic. But it is a very complicated time for health care.”

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